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Is drinking milk at night harmful to your health? - Care Beauty

Is drinking milk at night harmful to your health?

Drinking a warm glass of milk before bed is a daily ritual for many families. It is believed to help sleep, improve metabolism and boost overall health. But over the years the narrative has changed and experts believe this practice may affect health and lead to weight gain.


The following is a collection of information about how drinking milk at bedtime affects health, as published by the “Times of India” website.


* Constipation


According to experts, drinking cold milk at night can affect digestion even for people who drink milk daily, because the stomach is already full and drinking milk after eating a heavy dinner can stress the digestive system and may lead to constipation.


* overweight


Drinking milk at night increases the chances of weight gain, as it takes time to metabolize and digest protein and milk fat, because a cup of milk contains about 120 calories, and this is one of the reasons why you should avoid drinking milk at night as calories are not easily burned and this leads to weight gain.


How does it affect digestion?


The effect of drinking milk can vary from one individual to another, especially when a person suffers from lactose intolerance, and drinking milk may have harmful effects on digestion. This leads to a feeling of discomfort, diarrhea and stomach pain, and it is difficult for the body to metabolize protein while the body is at rest, and this can further affect sleep and cause sleepless nights.


* Slows down the metabolism


Drinking milk at night slows digestion and affects liver function, which further affects the metabolic rate and leads to fat deposition and weight gain.


Abu Jani Al-Jawalda