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Important tips for taming sensitive skin

Perseverance, care and sophistication, three golden tips that are indispensable in dealing with sensitive skin, because regular care does not suit this skin that is characterized by extreme tenderness, which requires special care; To give it softness and proper hydration.

To best deal with sensitive skin, start now to tame it through the following steps:


1- Wash your skin twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, moisturizing it at night, and exfoliating it only once every two weeks.

2- Keep using sunscreen every day, bearing in mind that the cream is “hypoallergenic”, that is, intended for sensitive skin.

3- Avoid skin products that contain alcohol, benzoyl peroxide, sorbic acid or benzoic acid in their ingredients, because they are too strong on sensitive tissues.

4- Use makeup products that are free of perfumes and oils, to avoid clogging the pores of the skin.

5- Some products offer a set for women with sensitive skin, which are completely different from dry, combination or oily skin products.

6- To calm sensitive skin, mix lettuce and carrots with milk in a soft and nourishing mask for the skin.

7- Chamomile, lavender and sandalwood oil are among the best essential oils suitable for sensitive skin.

8- Try to reduce the herbs that stimulate skin secretions such as mint, linden and thyme, as well as spices, cocoa and caffeine.

9- To moisturize the lips and eyelids, you can use Vaseline, as it is considered the most gentle protective moisturizer for sensitive skin.

10- The health of the skin does not come except with the health of food, so make sure to eat 8 cups of water a day, in addition to 3 cups of green tea, and a fruit of a green apple, with at least half a kilogram of fresh vegetables or fruits daily, This is the best taming for sensitive skin.

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