Learn about the ingredients and amounts of grape mixtures to get fresh skin

If you are looking for a naturally fresh skin, here is how to make 3 natural mixtures of grapes for freshness of the skin, but it is very easy and will give your skin a wonderful feeling.




1. A mixture of grapes to clean the skin:


Ingredients: grapes




Method: Cut a number of grapes into two parts with a peeler, and pass it on the skin of your face and around your eyes and lips in a circular manner for a continuous quarter of an hour, then leave your face wet with grape juice for 5 minutes, then clean it with a cotton pad moistened with lukewarm water and dry your face gently.




2. Black grape mixture for skin vitality:


Ingredients: fruits of black grapes




Method: Wash half a cup of black grapes, mash them well with a fork, then strain them with a piece of gauze, and keep the juice in a cup without discarding the seeds after filtering. Grind these seeds and add them to the juice with 6 tablespoons of cold milk, and store this mixture in a sterilized bottle in the refrigerator, and when using, rub your face and neck with the mixture daily every evening, especially after removing makeup.




3. A mixture of grapes and steam for pure skin:


Ingredients: 6 grapes




Method: Squeeze 6 grapes and drain them using a piece of gauze, keeping the peels and seeds, then boil the water and put the juice in a deep pot and add the peels and seeds to it, dip a piece of cotton in the juice and pass it on all parts of your face and neck, making sure to cover your head and face with a towel until Steam does not escape, then remove the grape juice with a cotton swab dipped in rose water. This mask can be done weekly.




Now.. choose the mask you like and don’t forget to tell us about the result.

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