Japanese way to reduce large pores on the face

Reducing the large pores of the face, the Japanese way, in just 15 minutes, in order to get a pure and perfect skin. We review this method for you, dear, in order to reduce the skin pores visible on the surface of the skin.


Japanese way to reduce large pores on the face


We offer you the ingredients and the traditional Japanese method, so you will achieve your dream of getting the skin of your dreams and effectively treat large pores:


The ingredients needed to prepare the magic Japanese solution behind the reduction of large pores:


One potato, a cup of fresh milk – 1 teaspoon of flour – 1 teaspoon of almond oil and the juice of half a lemon.


In order to prepare the Japanese secret recipe to reduce the size of large pores, follow these steps:


Prepare the magic mask to reduce large pores, by placing a quantity of fresh milk on the fire for a few minutes until it boils. When the milk begins to boil, add lemon juice and then the milk to reach the stage of coagulation.

Strain the milk with a gauze to separate the milk formed from the liquid milk and set it aside, because it is the main ingredient To reduce the size of the wide pores.

Grind the fruit of the potato and then grate it well and then add it to the filtered milk. Thus, you will put the mixture on the fire again, until you get a mixture and a consistent texture.

We put the potatoes and filtered milk aside until it cools down and their temperature turns to room temperature. Now I approach the final step. To get the Japanese secret, in order to reduce the size of the large skin pores, put the mixture in the blender or food processor.

A small amount of flour, like almond oil, now you have a mixture that reduces the size of large skin pores. In order to get an immediate result and reduce the pores of your face, it is better to wipe your face gently with a cotton pad dipped in rose water before applying Use the mask.

In order to minimize the large pores and reduce their size, leave this Japanese mask on your skin and neck for 15 minutes. Wash your face with cold water and thus get a skin free from the emergence of pores. Effective tips help to solve this problem and adhere to the procedures of exfoliation of the skin, to get rid of large pores.

Therefore, you will need to clean your skin daily, morning and evening, with a good type of lotion and moisturizer. Do not neglect this step if you want a skin free from the appearance of large pores. One of the effective tips to reduce large facial pores, is not to go to sleep before wiping makeup.

Night cream is one of the important steps In the two treatments to reduce the size of large facial pores on the Japanese, Korean and Chinese ways and in most cultures of the world

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