The miracle oil to lengthen eyelashes in just three days

In this exclusive article from the Magazine, we present to you a recipe called the miracle, as it can achieve your dream of getting thick eyelashes in three days without resorting to the installation of false eyelashes.

Which is harmful to dry eyes in the long run


Here is the recipe


the ingredients





live oil


olive oil


medical vaseline


Castor oil


Almond oil


How to prepare


Prepare a small, clean, sterile container.


Mix almond oil with castor oil, olive and snake oil.


Add to the mixture of medical Vaseline oils.


Stir the ingredients again and leave the can for 3 hours before first use.


With a clean brush, apply the recipe to your eyelashes every day in the evening and before bed.

In the morning, wash your face well with the appropriate cleanser for you, and you will notice the length and density of eyelashes in just 3 days.