how to use shea butter for skin care

Women are wondering how to use shea butter for skin care, especially since it has appeared recently and has become one of the new trends in skin care. Learn more about it and its benefits here.


How to use shea butter for skin care Benefits of shea butter


Shea butter contains a lot of unsaturated fats and vegetable fatty acids that protect the skin from UV rays.


In addition, shea butter contains antioxidants and vitamins that are an effective moisturizer for dry and sensitive skin.


It also contains anti-inflammatory, sterile and antiseptic substances.


Shea butter for the face


After washing and moisturizing your face, massage a little shea butter on your face and neck for ten minutes in a circular motion, without getting too close to the eye area.


Repeat this process once every day, and if you feel that the amount has become too much for your face, apply a piece of cotton to the skin to eliminate excesses.


Removing blackness under the eyes


Use warm chamomile compresses on and around the eyes to open up pores, clean up traces of makeup, and make the tea butter easier to absorb.


Melt a little Shea butter between your fingers and massage it into the black area by blowing, and leave it for a quarter of an hour before washing it. You can follow this method twice a week.


Acne removal


Grease acne scars with shea butter with olive oil, massage it and leave it until the skin absorbs it. Use this method for two weeks daily and see the difference.

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