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Skin mixtures to get rid of sunburn - Care Beauty

Skin mixtures to get rid of sunburn

Skin mixtures to get rid of sunburn, as the sea season must be associated with sunburn that the skin is exposed to as a result of long hours of tanning in front of the sun on the seaside or swimming pools. Although many people warn of sunburn after swimming and use a skin protection cream, this does not limit the redness and peeling of some people due to the nature of their thin and sensitive skin, while some creams do not work completely for protection. How do we treat these burns and get rid of them after we get home?


Skin mixtures to get rid of sunburn


Here are the best mixtures for the skin to get rid of sunburn after swimming and treat redness and peeling:


Yogurt mixture for sunburn


Yogurt is widely used in the treatment of sunburn on the skin because of its rapid cooling properties for sunburn for a long time, so it removes the effects of burns very quickly on the skin. Apply yogurt to your skin to calm redness and inflammation, and leave the mixture for about a quarter of an hour. Repeat the recipe 4 times during the day, as yogurt is an important remedy to soothe and moisturize the skin after exposure to burns after swimming.




A mixture of rose water and starch


One of the most famous mixtures used by grandmothers to treat sunburn after swimming is the recipe for rose water with starch. For that you need 1 tablespoon of starch (cornstarch), 2 tablespoons of rose water, and a little bit of milk. Mix the ingredients together well to get a cream-like mixture, then apply it to the face and affected area until it dries. This mask will reduce the heat glow in your skin and re-brighten it with repeated use. Use this mixture more than once a day.




Cucumber recipe with glycerin


Mix half a cup of rose water with half a cup of glycerin and half a cup of cucumber juice until the mixture is well combined, then wipe the burnt parts and leave it on your skin for about an hour, then rinse it off. Cold water. Repeat the recipe more than once a day, making sure that the cucumber juice is cold for more benefit.