Dove soap mix with milk and starch

Carebeauty magazine offers you the most powerful Dove soap mixture with milk and starch, Dove soap with milk, Dove soap and rose water mixture for whitening and unifying the skin, Dove soap and glysolid mixture for the body, Dove soap for hands, and my experience with Dove soap, for whitening the face and Its freshness, the whole body, and the whitening of the hands, gives a clear freshness, and you can use it regularly to get rid of applying makeup on your skin before going out.

Follow with us a wonderful, simple, and very effective recipe for the face and body, which is Dove soap mix with milk and starch, do not miss it.


Dove soap mix with milk and starch


One of the best facial mixtures is what was natural, as it does not contain chemical compounds, and among the tried and very successful mixtures is Dove soap mixture with milk and starch, and accordingly we will mention the most important methods of preparing Dove soap mixture with milk and starch.


The first method:

Ingredients: Dove soap. rice flour. milk. Lemon. Starch. How to prepare: Grate a quarter of Dove Beauty soap in a clean bowl. Mix the grated soap with a tablespoon of rice flour, a small cup of milk, a tablespoon of starch, and the juice of half a lemon. How to use: Put the mixture on the face, neck and body and massage it well with gentle circular motions. Leave the mixture for 30 minutes until it dries, then wash it with lukewarm water and dry your skin with a soft, clean towel.

The second method: Ingredients of the mixture: Dove soap, a tablespoon of starch, a tablespoon of honey, two tablespoons of egg white, a small cup of rose water, a tablespoon of baking yeast, a cup of Liquid milk

Method of preparation

The mixture: Dove soap is mashed well, and we put it in a large bowl, and add rose water so that the Dove soap drinks it, and we put the bowl on a quiet fire, then we add the starch and stir the ingredients together well on the fire. Add the lemon juice and egg whites and stir the ingredients together while continuing to stir. Then we add honey and yeast and stir the ingredients together 5 then add a cup of liquid milk and continue to stir the mixture until we have a cohesive mixture. It was removed from the heat and left in a clean box.Dove soap with milkDove soap is a wonderful beauty soap belonging to Unilever company. Dove soap works to moisturize the skin and protect it from dryness, giving it the freshness and hydration necessary to make its appearance radiant.

Below we will mention to you the advantages of Dove soap when combined with milk. Dove with milk gives luster and shine to the skin, as Dove soap with milk helps to make the skin shiny all the time and vitality, as it contains many benefits and vitamins, and for this it is recommended to use it every day in order to obtain wonderful, distinctive and effective results.Milk with Dove treats all sunburns Dove soap with milk is excellent and effective, as it helps you get rid of all sunburns or burnt skin, due to its distinctive properties that help calm the skin and irritate the skin, prevent infections and treat them if your skin has infections.

Dove soap with milk works to clean the skin. Milk is antiseptic Very effective and distinctive, and repeated use every day makes the skin always clean and glowing.



A mixture of Dove soap and milk to whiten the body and sensitive areas.

Ingredients: half a liter of Sachi Nido milk (milk powder), 1 Dove soap, 1 bottle of rose water.

Method of preparation: We rub Dove soap with a spatula, put half a liter of milk over the fire, then add the rubbed Dove soap to it until it boils, remove it from the stove, then add sachi nido and a bottle of rose water, mix it, then put it in a shaker bottle, then put it in the refrigerator overnight the next day You will notice that the mixture has become in the form of a cream.

Apply the entire body and leave it until evening, then wash it. Mix Dove soap and rose water to whiten the skin and unify its color


There are Dove whitening soap mixtures from all countries, including a desert mixture to lighten the color of dark skin, including an Algerian mixture to unify skin color, and many other mixtures.

However, the most important mixture of Dove soap for whitening is the mixture of Dove soap and rose water for skin whitening and unifying its color:


Mix ingredients:


1/2 cup of rose water.

Grated Dove soap.

3 drops of lemon juice.

5 tablespoons of glycerin.

1/2 cup of your favorite moisturizing lotion.

5 tablespoons of sweet almond oil.




Grated soap is mixed with rose water and left overnight. The soap and rose water mixture is placed on a low heat with stirring until the soap is completely dissolved and we get a creamy texture.

Add the almond oil, glycerin and lemon to the mixture and stir for 1/2 minutes, then remove the mixture from the heat and add the moisturizing lotion to the mixture and stir the ingredients until they are completely homogeneous and packaged in a clean bottle.

The mixture is spread on the body and left for one to two hours.

Then, using a piece of clean cloth or loofah soaked in hot water, massage the body in circular motions for two minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.

Repeat the use of the mixture once a week or as desired. You will notice a noticeable difference in the texture and color of the skin after the first use.

Dove soap mixture can be used on the facial skin and left for 10-15 minutes only, then the face is massaged using a piece of cotton soaked in warm water, rinsed with cold water, and followed with a moisturizing cream.


Dove and Glysolid soap mix for the body


Dove and Glysolid soap mixture, the mixture has spread recently, and women who used it confirmed that it is wonderful in lightening and unifying the color, and works to treat the problems of grain spots or brown spots. It is not used for the skin and face only, but it can be used for the hands and feet, here is the method of preparing the mixture as follows follows:


the ingredients:


Dove soap.

Glysolid cream.

Rose water.


How to prepare:


Grate ¼ of Dove white soap finely and place it in a clean, dry bowl. Put two tablespoons of cosmetic rose water in the bowl with the grated soap.

Put a spoonful of glysolid cream in the bowl, then mix the ingredients well until they become creamy.

Apply the mixture all over your body and on the dark areas of the knees, elbows and heels as well, and massage it well with gentle circular motions. Wait 15 minutes, then take a shower with lukewarm water and rinse the mixture well.


Dove hand soap mix


With the advent of the summer season, the problem of skin darkening increases as a result of exposure to the sun, especially the skin of the hands and feet. To lighten the skin safely, unify its color, and soften the skin effectively, here is a mixture of Dove hand soap.


Ingredients of the mixture: We prepare a small box of glysolide, a small box of liquid glycerine, three tablespoons of castor oil, four tablespoons of sweet almond oil, four tablespoons of pure Vaseline, six tablespoons of baby powder, six tablespoons of rose water, and one and a half tablespoons of cornstarch. A cup of water in a clean bowl put glysolid with Vicks, and baby powder with a good mixture for them. In another clean bowl, put a cup of water with rose water and cornstarch, mixing well on a low heat, then leave the mixture until it cools, mix both of the pure Vaseline With sweet almond oil and castor oil, then we prepare a completely clean jar, to mix all these ingredients together, and to make sure that they are well mixed, close the jar, and put it in the refrigerator until use. Then you put on clothes after making sure that the mixture is absorbed by the skin, and repeat the application of the mixture daily after the daily bath to get quick and immediate results, and the thread is excellent with sensitive areas. My experience with Dove soap mix


Through our research, we found many positive experiences from women using this mixture on social networking sites, and among these experiences are the following:


One of the girls recounted her experience with the Dove soap mixture, “I tried the Dove soap mixture. My face and body have become white and the texture has become soft.” One of the girls says on a social networking site about her experience with Dove soap mixture: (I tried Dove soap mixture and the result was wonderful, it whitens and softens in addition to its wonderful smell, and its ingredients were grated Dove soap, Added to it half a cup of rose water, with four tablespoons of liquid glycerine, and four tablespoons of sweet almond oil, in addition to the juice of half a lemon, and with perseverance I noticed that the skin of my face and body became white and its texture became very soft.) One of the women said, “A terrible soap mixture.” For the body, it gives softness, whiteness, and a beautiful scent to the body, and makes the body with radiance and freshness. The mixture is economical. It holds about one or more hairs. It is more economical than the body creams that we buy. The ingredients are easy and simple, grated Dove soap and half a cup of water. Roses, five tablespoons of olive oil, five tablespoons of liquid glycerine and the juice of a whole lemon. As for the way I prepared the mixture, I soaked the grated Dove soap in half a cup of rose water all night, and in the morning I put both Dove soap and rose water on the fire with stirring until it became The soap is like cream, then I put olive oil and glycerin and mix them with the mixture.”