How to rid the body of toxins

How to rid the body of toxins



Our bodies need from time to time to cleanse to remove the toxins present in our bodies, which mostly come as a result of eating fast foods and non-food meals that contain nutrients that the body does not need. Among those systems that can be followed to rid the body of toxins are the detox system, of which there are two systems. Short-term for a number of days and a long-term system, and when you achieve the two systems together, you will feel a big difference in the improvement of general health as a result of the body regaining its strength and expelling its toxins and microbes, that system treats some diseases resulting from wrong nutrition and the abundance of sugars and foods Fast foods contain large amounts of empty calories that only provide the body with fat.


First, the short-term detox diet, which includes three different diets:


The fruit system: the system relies on fasting from food without starving the soul and eating fruits only in quantities that raise energy levels within the body as it helps prevent strokes and effectively expel toxins from the body. Fruits such as light yellow lemon are eaten in this system. And green lemons as juices, oranges, tangerines, and grapefruit, and do not eat anything but fruits for 7 days, as they are useful for expelling toxins and permanently from the body because they contain cleaning properties. Blueberries can be relied upon to contain vitamin C.


– Fluid system: the person depends on taking his daily food, but through some liquids such as green tea, vegetable and fruit juices such as pineapple, orange, apple, and vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots, parsley, and celery in the form of juice and many others. This system is also useful not Not only in expelling toxins from the body, but also in losing weight. Do not rely on this system for only three days. Try to vary between the colors of juices for more effectiveness and supplying the body with the nutrients necessary to build it. Expulsion of toxins must be done without any stress on the body.


Eat only fruits and vegetables: eat vegetables that contain fiber, such as legumes, beans of all kinds, peas, soybeans, artichokes, leafy vegetables, and potassium found in bananas, potatoes and spinach. Vitamin C is found in broccoli, strawberries, kiwi and tomatoes. Folic acid is found in cowpeas. And asparagus and useful fats in mushrooms and coconut, and many other examples. Eating fruits and vegetables for seven days every once in a while is enough to expel all toxins from the body. This step is useful for those who suffer from constipation resulting from improper nutrition.


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Second, the long-term detox system:


It is the dietary traditions that we must follow in our eating habits on a daily basis, and they are useful for expelling toxins from the body in a more than excellent way:


First: Drinking enough water, as water is one of the most important elements that help expel toxins from the body, so two liters of water per day helps in kidney and liver dialysis and revitalizes the functions of each of them.




Second: Eating organic vegetables and meat that do not have chemical fertilizers or animals that have not been injected with growth hormones. Organic vegetables can be grown in your home very easily.


Third: Avoid white poison Sugar and salt Avoid excessive intake of processed sugar and salt, which are the most important and biggest factors that cause the destruction of the body.


Fourth: Stay away from drinking carbonated water because it causes osteoporosis and empty calories.


Fifth: exercise, yoga and meditation.


Sixth: Keeping away from places filled with toxic gases.


This system will rid you of harmful toxins in the body if you follow the two systems