Full body lightening mixtures for the bride with natural creams

In this article, we will discuss the most important mixtures of body lightening creams

Body whitening cream

Most women suffer from the problem of dark spots in the body, burns, and tanning caused by exposure to sunlight


Therefore, doctors advise permanent skin care and the use of medical mixtures and creams to protect the skin to give it hydration, softness, lightening and unifying the color necessary for every female.




Mixture of body whitening creams

1. Lightening mixture


the components

carbamide cream box

A box of panthenol cream or glysolid cream

Half a strip of vitamin E capsules




Mix half a strip of vitamin E with half a box of carbamide cream and half a box of panthenolide cream. Apply the mixture on the whole body and leave for an hour. Wash the body well and you will notice the difference after several uses of this mixture 2. The seven creams mixture for glaring whiteness


the components:


Dermovate cream is used to protect and nourish the skin. Rio Reo cream works to lighten and whiten the skin. Pohli cream is used on the neck, face, hands and sensitive areas for lightening. Minerva cream is used to get rid of dark spots and pigmentation. effective




We mix a spoonful of all the creams that have been mentioned. The mixture is placed in a sealed container. This mixture is used on the face and body once a day before bedtime to get impressive results.




A mixture of face whitening creams


This mixture helps to lighten the face, enhance its freshness, and reduce melasma and the effects of acne.


the components

Panthenol cream box

Vitamin E capsules




We empty the vitamin E capsules into a box, add half a packet of panthenol to it, and mix well. The mixture is used daily on the face for an hour.


Note: Panthenol cream can be replaced with Mondo cream if there is an allergy to panthenol




A mixture of body whitening creams from the pharmacy


Creams used:


Bepanthen Cream moisturizes the skin and prevents drynessDocaine Fort Cream treats pigmentation Likasal Cream is used to treat skin problems Retin any exfoliating cream that removes dead cells Avalon Cream for skin lightening




Mix all the creams and put them in a glass container. Apply the mixture of creams on any area of ​​the body that you want to lighten with massage. It is preferable to put the mixture on the body at night until the morning, and then wash it with water.


The best bleaching mixture from the pharmacy


the components

Red glysolid cream half a box

Carbamide cream half a box

Talc powder two tablespoons




Mix the ingredients togetherUse the mixture on a daily basis by applying the dark areas of the bodyLeave the cream on the body for half an hourWash the skin after that with lukewarm waterBody lightening mixtures with creamsA mixture of whitening creams without cardboard


Creams used:


Fair Lovely Cream (Fair & Lovely) works to lighten and moisturize the skinReo cream (Rio) contains collagen and vitamin E and works to exfoliate the skinOlay cream (Olay) helps in lightening the skin




We mix the previous creams in a tightly closed box, wash the place to be lightened well, dry it, apply the mixture at night with massage, then wash it in the morning with water.


Every bride wishes to have smooth skin with a uniform color and spotless whiteness, so we will mention to you the 2 most important mixtures to whiten your body.


1. A mixture that whitens the body in a week


the components

a glass of milk

Two tablespoons of lemon juice




The mixture is placed in the bathtub water with warm water. The bride soaks her body in the basin for half an hour. The body is washed with water only, and the bride will notice the smoothness, hydration and wonderful lightening. Repeat the process daily for a week 2. A mixture of full body bleaching with cucumber


Cucumber works to lighten the body and skin


We peel the cucumber grains and grind them in a blender until we get juice. Rub the entire body with this juice and leave for an hour, then wash with water. Body lightening mixtures with creams. The four creams mixture.


This wonderful mixture works to lighten the body, remove dark spots, and get rid of dead skin.


the components

Avotin Cream

Avoquin cream

Avcom cream

Avoquin cream




We mix the previous creams and apply them on the skin from night to morning. You can also: Apply one cream after another on the body without mixing


A mixture of whitening creams quickly


the components

La Roche-Cream

Olay cream

Clean & Clear Cream

Romex cream

Himalayan cream




We mix the previous creams and use the mixture on the body, and it is preferable to put it before bed. Wash the body in the morning with water, and you will find the difference from the first use of mixtures for lightening the body with creams. The best cream for rapid whitening


Bioderma White Cream is the best whitening cream because it contains natural vitamins that help in rapid skin whitening.


It also helps maintain melanin in the skin, so it is more effective in the whitening process