How to make effective skin cleansing

The skin is exposed to many factors that destroy it and cause dust and dirt to accumulate in the pores, thus losing its purity and luster. Therefore, you must do a regular routine to cleanse the skin well and maintain its permanent radiance. Today I present to you an easy way to cleanse the skin well at home without the need to go to a specialist. It is recommended to do this routine every week.


1- Washing the face:


Remove any makeup on your skin well, then wash your face with your favorite cleanser until traces of oils and dirt disappear.


2- Facial peeling:


Whether you use a ready-made scrub or make a scrub at home, rub the scrub on the face well, especially the oily areas.


3- Lightening the pores:


Use steam to lighten the pores of your face by exposing your face to a pot containing boiling water on the fire. Place a cloth or small towel on your head to trap the steam emanating from the bowl, so the steam will penetrate your skin and open your pores. Hold this position for a few minutes, then dry your face with the steam.


4- Apply a face mask:


Choose a mask suitable for your skin type (a moisturizing mask for dry skin and a clay-based mask for oily skin) and spread it evenly on your face. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and then remove it.


5- Moisturizing the face:


This step is very important, as you must apply a moisturizing cream at the end of cleaning your face and you will get soft, pure and radiant skin.

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