What is jade roller How to use it, What Does it do?

Please take a few minutes and meet Jade, which is taking the skin care world by storm!


This device is a cylinder-shaped facial massager made of jade stone. When you include this “roller” in your skin care routine, you will witness its wonderful effects in a short time.


You know that green is a corrector, that is, a color equalizer. The tone it neutralizes is its opposite; red. Naturally, Jade Roller evens out redness on the skin and provides a balance in your skin tone. Apply a facial serum suitable for your needs, an essential oil or cream suitable for your skin type and apply the Jade roller by massaging upwards.


To get maximum effect, it is recommended to do this before going to sleep.


Since you are standing during the day, your face has to resist gravity. At night, you can get a lot of benefit from the ‘upward’ massage we just mentioned while in a horizontal position.



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