8 Awesome Foods You Can Consume to Protect Your Skin From Winter Colds

In the days when we are nearing the end of 2023, the winter cold has also started to make itself feel better. However, the most obvious effects of winter colds appear on our skin. The freezing cold of winter months is increasing the use of vehicles such as heating and electric stoves. These vehicles cause the air to dry out in closed environments. Due to the freezing air outside, the dry air inside, many people encounter various skin problems, especially skin dryness. That is why most people are cold winter he has to spend his days dependent on various skin care products.


But there are also some other ways to protect your skin from freezing winter colds. Thanks to the miraculous foods with high vitamin and mineral values, you can have a healthy skin even in winter cold and natural ways! Here are 8 amazing foods you can consume to protect your skin from winter cold…


1. Sweet potato


Sweet potatoes are a very rich food in vitamins A and C. In other words, a true skin-friendly! The intense vitamin A found in sweet potatoes helps protect the skin from the harmful rays of the Sun. However, by moisturizing the skin, it also plays an active role against skin dryness.


Another thing that is found extensively in sweet potatoes and is extremely important for skin health is vitamin C. Vitamin C helps increase collagen, which strengthens the connective tissue in the body and is of great importance for the human body. However, collagen is also of great importance for living, moist and healthy skin.


2. Orange


Orange, one of the indispensable foods of the winter season, is a source of quite good vitamin C. For this reason, many experts say that starting the day by consuming one orange or a glass of orange juice in winter cold is extremely beneficial for skin health. Orange, on the other hand, is not only good for skin health. Thanks to the intense potassium it contains, it also contributes to the maintenance of the liquid electrolyte balance in the body and the healthy passage of winter months in general.


3. Spinach


Spinach is a delicious winter vegetable consumed in many tables during the cold winter months. It is also quite healthy. Because it contains potassium with vitamin C and K. However, it also helps increase collagen production in the body and prevents you from experiencing skin problems during the winter.


4. Redpepper


One of the most important nutrients in our list of miraculous foods that you can consume to protect your skin from winter cold is red pepper. Red pepper is among the most ideal foods to consume to meet the need for vitamins A, C, K and E, which are extremely vital for healthy skin. The intense vitamin K it contains increases the level of collagen in the body, while vitamin E prevents inflammation that may occur due to skin damage and dryness.


5. Salmon


Salmon, a source of health from the sea, contains a high percentage of Omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are very important for skin health. On the other hand, salmon from a high vitamin D bar is also recommended by experts as an effective weapon against inflammation and dry skin that may occur due to winter cold.


6. Moon core


A quarter-cup moon core can meet nearly all of an adult’s daily vitamin E needs. Vitamin E, which has anti-inflammatory properties, plays a vital role in strengthening the skin barrier. In addition, the moon core contributes to the protection of the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays thanks to the copper it contains.


7. Almond


Almond, with its intense vitamin E in it, deserves to be included in our list of foods you can consume to protect your skin from winter cold. It is also very rich in protein and fiber.


8. Raw oyster


Oysters, thanks to the zinc it contains, have an extremely important role in removing the damage caused by dryness in the skin. In addition, it acts as an antioxidant with the copper in it and contributes to the increase of collagen production.

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