How does grief affect health?

Sadness is one of the most dangerous feelings that afflict a person, both psychologically and physically. Recent scientific studies revealed that sadness causes many diseases, as it causes memory disorder and difficulty remembering the past or thinking about the future, according to a study at Preston Columbia University.



Sadness also causes risks of death following the “broken heart” syndrome, according to a Harvard University study in 2022, which is a heart dysfunction that occurs as a result of the loss of a person who loves a person, also known as heart disease, and includes chest pain and blood flow problems.



Scientists have shown that sadness has negative effects on the function of the immune system, according to a study at the University of South Wales in 2014, and makes people more susceptible to diseases and cancerous tumors, and intense sadness can cause physical symptoms of unknown origin.

Grief – image source envato


Sadness is also associated with digestive diseases and appetite disorders. Because there is a relationship between the gut and the brain that is negatively affected by severe psychological stress, according to studies at the University of Michigan in 2017; This leads to slow digestion, loss of appetite, pain, and affected sleep quality, and then anxiety or excessive sleepiness.

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