Get dimples without plastic surgery

Most of us have heard recently about plastic surgery to get dimples, but what if our magazine told you that it will enable you to get wonderful dimples at home without surgical intervention! The secret of dimples and minutes lies in makeup, follow us to learn more..>- Stand in front of the mirror and smile broadly while showing your teeth. Observe the expressive lines that form in your cheeks when smiling, and determine the most appropriate location for forming the imaginary dimple. Use a light pen to draw a small dot in the right place.


>- Start from this point to draw a small curved line in a semi-circular shape downwards, using an eyebrow pencil or a light brown eyeliner. Make sure that the drawn shape is very similar, in size as well as direction, to the natural dimple.>

>- To achieve a completely natural look, be sure to hide the contrast between the color of the line drawn and the foundation cream used in your makeup by blending it slightly with the rest of the skin colors using a wide eyeshadow brush. You can use concealer as well as pressed powder and bronzer to achieve a harmonious look.




> Finally, confirm the success of this technique by smiling again in front of the mirror. Make the appropriate adjustments, and if you draw two dimples, make sure they are completely parallel.>

It should be noted that this technique is more suitable for photographic sessions than for occasions that require a face-to-face meeting.

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