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Baby powder is not just for babies

We all know that most of the uses of baby powder are limited to children only, but have you ever thought about how baby powder has uses for adults as well!! Let’s get acquainted with these uses in this article… An alternative to dry shampoo: When you empty your dry shampoo bottle and you have to clean your hair within 3 minutes, you will only have to empty a little baby powder on your dirty hair from its roots and then brush it to its ends!


>- Farewell to oil stains: From now on, you do not have to accept oil stains on your clothes or throw them away, because by sprinkling some baby powder on them and then shaking them off, you will get rid of the stain that bothers you!>

>- Your eyelashes are thicker: Do you suffer from the problem of light and spaced eyelashes? We have the solution! A little baby powder on your eyelashes before applying mascara will increase their density in a way that you will not believe until you apply it!>




>- Untangling Accessories: How many times have you had to give up your favorite accessory because its chain is entangled with the other chains in the drawer? For a similar situation, you can easily rub the tangled strands with baby powder.>

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