How do you take care of your skin after botox and fillers?

Description: Botox is an injectable neurotoxin that temporarily reduces the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.

How it works: It blocks nerve activity and paralyzes the muscles. Once the muscles are no longer able to contract, wrinkles and lines in a localized area relax.

Post-treatment care: You can resume your routine very quickly, but there are tricks to reduce redness and bruising. Experts recommend applying ice to counteract bruising and swelling, and avoiding makeup for a few hours. Also, masks and plant-based gels can help reduce post-Botox redness. Avoid peeling and rubbing the skin for any reason.


A filler

What it is: A filler that restores volume, divided into two categories: hyaluronic acid, which provides immediate results, or long-lasting biostimulating fillers, which encourage new collagen production. They both work toward the same goal, and choosing the right product comes down to shrinkage.

How it works: Filler injections into the lips, cheeks, temples and jawline help restore fullness to the skin or lips. Hyaluronic acid fillers attract water to fill in the area, while bio-activated fillers work scaffolding of some sort to generate volume over time.

Post-treatment care: Experts suggest anti-bruising treatments in the clinic, such as anti-swelling pills. Post-lip injections also require large amounts of lip balm. Moreover, post-injection products help keep the skin protected. Avoid applying pressure to the injected area.

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