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Yellow-stained teeth and bad breath are the most important problems that make some girls ashamed of giving themselves the full opportunity to smile that others with bright teeth and natural breath enjoy.


In the month of Ramadan, especially during the hours of fasting, complaints about changing the smell of the mouth increase as a result of abstaining from food for long hours, but we tried to come to you with a set of easy solutions to overcome these troubles in a safe and natural way..



First: Foods that have a magic effect on your mouth and teeth:




1- Green tea:

Green tea contains substances that kill mouth germs that turn sugar into black and that make mouth smell bad, so drink from two to five cups during breakfast.


2- Kiwi

The kiwi fruit is the richest fruit in vitamin C. One kiwi fruit contains what you need of this vitamin per day. Its deficiency leads to weakness and disintegration of the collagen layer in the gums, and exposes it to weakness so that it is not able to play its role and makes it more vulnerable to germs.


3- Parsley and mint

Chewing a few leaves of parsley or mint after eating a meal that contains elements with strong flavors helps to maintain a fresh breath, as these leaves contain monoterpenes, a volatile substance that moves quickly from the blood vessels to the lungs, where its aroma spreads through breathing.

If you cannot chew parsley, you can add parsley to different dishes, and it will have the same effect, especially on soups, salads, and grills.


4- Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds have a superior ability to clean the teeth. Chewing these seeds removes plaque and helps build tooth enamel, in addition to being rich in calcium, which maintains healthy bones around the teeth and gums.


5- Water:

Drinking water after fasting keeps the gums moist and is the best way to promote saliva secretion, which is the strongest defense for the body against germs that cause plaque and tooth decay.


Rinsing in ablution

Rinsing the mouth more than 15 times a day during ablution helps to get rid of food residues stuck in the mouth and between the teeth, which can decompose and cause a change in the smell of the mouth. It is optimal to drink eight glasses of water a day, as this maintains the moisture of the gums and the entire body.

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