Glycerin soap.. Here are the most important benefits and the most prominent harms

Unlike soap that contains
contains chemicals, the pure glycerin soap that
Does not contain any percentage of chemicals, may be
There are health benefits of glycerin soap for the skin, especially
Those with skin problems or people with sensitive skin.
Glycerin is used in many medical and cosmetic products
Cosmetic surgery, and this happened after it was discovered for the first time in 1779
From a Swedish chemist, when glycerol was produced when a mixture of olive oil was heated.
In the following lines, “Consulto” reviews the benefits of soap
Glycerin and its harms, according to the “Health line” website.
Benefits of glycerin soap
1- Useful for those who suffer from skin irritations.
2-Helps moisturize the skin.
3- It helps in treating acne.
4-Prevention of skin dryness.
5- A good soap for people with psoriasis or skin diseases
Others such as rosacea or rosacea acne.
6- Contributes to the treatment of eczema
Glycerin soap can help delay
Signs of aging, according to “sciencedaily” a study found
Published in December 2003, that glycerol works
It redirects skin cells into the four stages of maturation.
Categories used for glycerin soapGlycerin soap is considered low
Oily, which means it may be a good choice for people with oily skin
And combination skin.
How to use glycerin soap
Safe on skin, but may cause injury to some people
Allergy, especially pure glycerin, so an allergy test should be done,
As follows: – Put a small amount of soap on the forearm.
Clean and wash the area according to the directions on the package.
Wait a day or two for symptoms to appear.
If you do not suffer from irritation or infections in the skin, this means that you are not infected.
Disadvantages of glycerin soap
The effect of glycerin soap may be on people with oily skin
It is extremely harmful, due to its moisture content, as well
About pure glycerin being expensive and soluble in water

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