How are the pores on the face closed?

One of the most important factors affecting facial beauty is pores. The appearance of enlarged pores is related to the clogged pores. The pores on the face , which are gradually enlarged and enlarged when clogged, also become more prominent on the skin and exhibit an aesthetically unappealing appearance. In order to shrink pores and achieve a healthier skin appearance, it is necessary to have regular skin care and take care of skin health. In this way, a smoother and brighter skin appearance can be obtained. So, how are the pores on the face closed and how are the pores on the face cleaned ? Come ” How do the pores on the face go ?” Let’s examine the topics that are curious about the question together.


What is a Pore?


Pores are found not only on our face, but also on our entire body skin. The pores, which help the skin to breathe, have very important functions for skin health. The pores help bring fluids and sebum from the lower layers of the skin to the surface. In addition, pores also play a role in supplying oxygen to the lower layers of the skin. If the pore channels, which are of vital importance for our skin, become clogged over time, they gradually grow. This is an undesirable appearance, especially on the face. It is not possible to completely close the pores in terms of skin health. However, by shrinking the pores in a healthy way, the skin can be made to look smooth. “ What Is Pore, Why Does It Form And How Does It Get Tight ?” You can browse our content to get detailed information about it.


Why Do Facial Pores Occur?


The pores on the face are channels that already exist in our skin. The enlargement of these channels over time and their becoming prominent is interpreted as pore formation. In the skin that is not cleaned regularly and skin care is not performed, the pore channels that provide air flow begin to become clogged. The pores, which are negatively affected by oil and dirt, lose their form over time and expand. This leads to an uncomfortable appearance on the skin. The most important causes of pore enlargement on the face are:




Sunbathing without sun protection: Sunbathing without sunscreen causes collagen loss in the skin. This leads to a decrease in the elasticity of the skin, enlargement of the pores and deterioration of the skin form.Genetic factors: Genetic factors are one of the factors that cause the problem of large pores. People with a family history of pore problems are recommended to use pore tightening products from the age of 20.Insufficient cleansing of the skin: Inadequate cleansing of oily and combination skin, which produces excessive sebum, causes the pores to become clogged and enlarged over time. It is essential to use pore-reducing serum and regular skin cleansing in skins with high sebum production.Age: Skin cells begin to lose their elasticity with age. This results in the enlargement of the pores. Using pore cleansing products regularly can reduce age-related skin problems.Excessive sweating: Excessive sweating increases the production of sebum in the skin, leading to the enlargement of the pores. It is recommended that people who have excessive sweating problems seek help from a specialist doctor.Not exfoliating: Exfoliating the skin regularly helps to remove dead skin and helps to clean the pores. It is possible to have tighter pores with routine peeling.Not removing make-up: Disrupting make-up removal causes the pores to be filled with oil and dirt. The way to prevent this is to use products that will deeply clean the make-up.Disrupting the cleaning of makeup brushes: The cleaning of brushes and sponges, which are among the makeup accessories, is also very important. Not cleaning these accessories enough will cause the pores to become clogged and enlarged.Malnutrition: Frequent consumption of excessively fatty foods and fast food foods has an effect that increases the pore enlargement of the skin. It is possible to maintain skin health by creating a balanced diet.


How are the pores on the face closed?


“ How do the pores on the face pass ?” The question is wondered by many people who care about skin beauty. It is possible to tighten the pores on the face and reduce its appearance. Here’s what you need to know to have tighter pores…


Cleanse Your Skin Thoroughly


The most important step in skin care is skin cleansing. You should determine the most suitable face wash gel for your skin and clean your skin twice a day. In this way, you can purify the oil and dirt on the skin, clean the pores deeply, and have tighter pores.




Peeling is the most effective way to clean clogged pores. You can achieve a breathing and clean skin appearance thanks to the peeling application that removes blackheads, sebum and dirt from the skin.


Use Tonic


Tonics are at the forefront of skin care products that cleanse the skin and tighten the pores. Take a toner that suits your skin needs and apply toner twice a day. Thus, you can reduce the appearance of pores on the skin. If you are looking for methods to open clogged pores, you can review our content now.


Try Pore Tightening Serums


Another way to tighten the pores on the skin is pore tightening serums. Enriched with various acids, serums help the skin look more matte and smooth by minimizing pore cleansing and blackhead problems.


Pore Formation


“ How to close the pores on the face, what are the herbal solution suggestions?” Among the frequently asked skin care questions. You can tighten your pores and protect your skin health thanks to the masks you will prepare with the materials available at home. You can find below the masks to reduce the appearance of pores:


Egg White Mask


Egg white is one of the ideal ingredients that you can use at home for skin care. Take one egg white in a bowl and add a few drops of lemon to it. Apply the mixture on your face, wait for a while and start rinsing.


Mineral water


Mineral water is one of the preferred products for pore tightness. You can help shrink the appearance of pores by washing your face with mineral water after degassing the mineral water.




You can also shrink your large pores with the above methods and achieve a more matte and smooth skin appearance. You can easily clean your skin by adding Dove Beauty Cream Bar soap to your beauty care routine . Consisting of moisturizing creams and gentle cleansers, Dove soap cleans your skin without drying it out and contributes to a soft and smooth appearance.



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