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Milk mask to avoid dry skin in winter - Care Beauty

Milk mask to avoid dry skin in winter


The closer the winter season, the more problems with dryness and cracking of the skin; Because of the cold weather, it is preferred to use natural materials to overcome these problems; Because cosmetics may harm the skin more than benefit it, we offer you to “include” today, an easy and effective mask that moisturizes the skin during the winter.

the ingredients:

2 tablespoons (tablespoon) milk

A tablespoon (tablespoon) powdered milk

Half a tablespoon (tablespoon) of bitter almond oil

Half a tablespoon (tablespoon) rose water


Mix the ingredients well until they are incorporated.

Apply the mixture on clean skin.

Leave for 15 minutes and dry.

Gently massage the skin in circular motions to remove dead cells.

Wash the face with lukewarm water, then with cold water.