Make-up Removal with Vaseline

Make-up Removal with Vaseline









Preparation and application:


Wet your make-up face superficially.


Place a chickpea-sized amount of Vaseline on the cotton.


Apply the Vaseline cotton to your entire face with make-up.


Wash your skin with plenty of warm water and soap.


Dry with a towel.




Vaseline, which can be found in almost every home and found in most cosmetic products, provides a lot of convenience in removing make-up. Being oily, it cleans faster while removing make-up. It attracts even waterproof mascara like a magnet. With this product, which is simple to apply, it is quite effective in removing make-up products such as eyeliner, eyeliner, foundation, concealer…


DON’T FORGET to wash your face after using Vaseline as a cleansing agent on your face!


Vaseline; It is one of the products that you should have on hand. It is also very affordable in price. In an emergency, it will immediately help you to remove your make-up. Chances are, Vaseline will become part of your daily care.