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High levels of estrogen predispose you to dementia

A medical study revealed that older women who have high levels of the hormone “estrogen” may be at greater risk of developing dementia, especially if they suffer from diabetes.


Using data from a large study of more than 5,600 postmenopausal women over the age of 65, researchers measured estrogen levels among women without dementia who were not given HRT or estrogen-enhancing prescription drugs.

And they followed up the women participating in the study for about 4 years, during which they compared the level of the “estrogen” hormone at the start of the study among 543 women who did not suffer from dementia compared to about 132 women suffering from it, to evaluate and analyze the factors contributing to dementia such as diabetes and blood pressure. Elevation, and other factors that negatively affect the heart.

Even after accounting for other known risk factors such as diabetes, the risk of dementia was more than double for women with high levels of the hormone estrogen, reaching 70 percent, the researchers said.

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