5 steps to get rid of skin shine

Shiny skin and its oily appearance is a problem that haunts many women, especially those with oily skin. Shiny skin spoils the elegance of women and causes them embarrassment.


Here are the best and easiest ways to get rid of this shine quickly and effectively:


1. Avoid washing your face with soap, as it causes the skin to increase sebum secretion as a way to get rid of the dryness it causes. Replace the soap with an oil-free cleanser, which has an antibacterial effect on the one hand and reduces sebum secretion on the other hand.


2. Do not use towels a lot to remove the shine, even if it really removes the shine and gives you a refreshing feeling, but at the same time it may help the penetration of germs and bacteria into the pores, which ultimately leads to an increase in oily secretions of the skin.





3. When exfoliating your facial skin, use scrubs that contain zinc. Because it works to open the pores and rid them of impurities.


4. Keep using day creams and night creams. Because the day cream contains zinc and silicon, and thus works to reduce the secretions of oily skin, while the night creams work to equate the oily content of the skin and narrow the pores and purify them from impurities.


5. Try to use the same brand skin care products. Because they contain effective substances that are compatible with each other, which reduces skin stress and reduces oily secretions.

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