Children’s aggression increases when eating meat a lot  

Children’s aggression increases when eating meat a lot


A recent scientific study conducted in Japan revealed that children’s excessive eating of meat and ignoring vegetables increases their aggression and enhances excitement in their daily activities.


In this context, Dr. Noha Abu Al-Wafa of the Egyptian Society of Premature Pediatrics says that it is easy to upset and annoy children who do not eat vegetables and marine plants in abundance and who tend to eat fast food and juice, as well as not wanting to go to school.


Abu Al-Wafa added that lamb is one of the most difficult foods that a child’s body can deal with, because it contains a large amount of saturated fatty acids that are difficult to digest and absorb in the intestines, and if the child eats large quantities of them, the liver finds it difficult to deal with them, which leads to deposition of fat in it.

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