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Get thick and strong hair and get rid of voids with this perfect mixture

Hair density and strength are among the things that women want to achieve, especially since hair is half of a woman’s beauty. That is why you always find her looking for solutions that rid her of hair loss and are strong in hair germination and strengthening, and fill in the gaps and make her hair distinctive, and here we suggest to you, madam, this recipe is a perfect recipe Tested and guaranteed.


In this recipe, you will need 4 cloves of red garlic with its peels, two cups of fenugreek and a sufficient amount of olive oil. In a pot on the stove, put the garlic, fenugreek and water and leave everything until it is well cooked, adding water every time if necessary so that everything is cooked well. It dries very much, and after the mixture cools, add olive oil to it and grind in an electric blender.

Then we put it in a bottle and put it in the refrigerator and use it before taking a shower. It is placed on the empty areas of the hair and washed when taking a shower. As for the smell of garlic and fenugreek, it will disappear immediately after taking a shower because they are cooked and not raw. For better results, use this recipe every 3 days and as long as you stay on it. The longer the hair, the better the results

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