The benefits of anise soap for the skin and body and the wonderful magic of your beauty

Anise soap and magic for skin and beauty Every woman wants to have clear skin free of blemishes and impurities, so many women resort to using many skin care products. And the most important step in taking care of the skin is cleaning the skin with the appropriate lotion for it to remove impurities and dirt and get rid of excess fat, and there is nothing better than using natural soap suitable for the skin, and one of the best types of natural soap is anise soap. Therefore, in this article we will explain to you the benefits of Natural anise soap for the skin and body.




Anise herb:


The original home of the anise plant goes back to Egypt, but it is now widely cultivated, and its aromatic seeds and oil are used in many therapeutic and aesthetic purposes as well. Anise also has an irresistible, attractive licorice-like smell. Anise is also known for its ability to mask body odor.


Anise soap:


Anise soap is made from anise oil, which contains anethole, the compound responsible for the distinctive smell of anise soap. Anise oil is characterized by its amazing properties on the skin, such as maintaining the health of the skin, its luster and freshness, and it also makes the skin more soft, glowing, smooth and youthful.


Benefits of anise soap for skin and body:


1- Protecting the skin from microbes and bacteria:


Anise oil is characterized by its anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties that protect the skin from bacteria and microbes. It also makes it always clean and hygienic.


2- Soothe the skin:


Anise oil contains natural anti-inflammatory properties that soothe irritation and inflammation of the skin and reduce itching and redness of the skin.


3- Moisturizing the skin:


Anise soap is a natural moisturizer for the skin as it works to moisturize the skin deeply and protect it from cracks and dryness, so regular use of anise soap on the skin and body leaves it more moisturized and soft.


4- Treating and preventing acne:


Anise soap helps prevent and treat acne because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that prevent the proliferation of bacteria on the skin pores that cause acne.


5- Getting rid of toxins from the skin:


Anise soap works to get rid of skin toxins that may cause many problems such as pimples, pimples and clogging of skin pores.


6- Treating and preventing blackheads:


Anise soap helps to open and clean the pores of the skin and prevent the accumulation of impurities and dirt in them, which helps to treat and prevent the appearance of blackheads on the skin.


7- Preventing signs of aging:


The antioxidants found in anise oil help protect the skin from damage and the process of oxidative stress, which reduces the appearance of signs of aging and aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.


8- Get rid of spots and scars:


Anise soap helps to lighten and unify the skin tone, which reduces the appearance of spots and scars on the skin, and also prevents the appearance of pigmentation on the skin.


Homemade natural anise soap recipe:


Anise soap is available in the markets and stores selling natural products. But you must make sure to buy 100% pure and natural anise soap without any additives that may harm the skin, and you can also prepare anise soap at home easily in order to ensure that you get 100% pure soap and offers you all its amazing and effective benefits for the skin and body, and this A simple and effective way to prepare anise soap at home easily.


the ingredients :


¼ cup dried anise seeds ¼ cup natural tallow 4/3 cup natural tallow ¼ cup vegetable oil ½ cup purified cold water 2 tablespoons sodium hydroxide


How to prepare anise soap:


Heat ¼ cup of tallow until completely dissolved. Add anise seeds to the melted grease and leave them on a low heat for about half an hour. Leave the mixture to freeze for a few hours or overnight. Then, melt the mixture again over the heat and drain the dried anise seeds. Enough of the melted lard to the filtered aniseed fat about a quarter cup. Add the vegetable oil to the mixture and leave it aside until it cools completely. Stir the sodium hydroxide in cold water until it dissolves completely and set it aside until it cools. Mix the sodium hydroxide with the melted lard after they have cooled, stirring constantly. Until the mixture becomes thick like bee honey. Pour the mixture into molds and let it freeze and then use it. Advantages of using anise soap on the skin: Free of chemicals that may cause damage to the skin and skin. Safe on all skin types and does not cause itching. Free of parabens. Free Sulfate. Suitable for children. Does not cause skin irritation and redness. Has a distinctive smell. Leaves an attractive body odor. Deeply cleanses the skin, leaving it clean and moist. Free from harmful artificial colors.


If you want to have fresh, vibrant and more youthful skin, do not hesitate to add natural anise soap to your daily skin and body care routine.