The miracle oil to lengthen and strengthen eyelashes in a short period

Castor oil is one of the best home remedies to lengthen and thicken eyelashes, quickly and naturally. It also helps to fight microorganisms that hinder hair growth. It is sufficient to apply castor oil with an eyelash brush or a piece of cotton, and you can also add a few drops of vitamin E oil. of castor oil and applied to your eyelashes.


Leave it overnight and then rinse with lukewarm water. It is an effective and distinctive mixture for this process. It is known that vitamin E is a wonderful treatment for skin problems, but it also works to intensify and lengthen the eyelashes. All you have to do is just open two vitamin E and apply them to your eyelashes with a mascara brush, and you will get an excellent result that will soften and nourish them.


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