Get rosy cheeks without makeup

Get rosy cheeks without makeup, instead of buying and applying expensive cosmetics to get natural red cheeks, follow the details of the following article and learn about an organized routine and natural ways to get the right supply for your skin,

Steps to get rosy cheeks without makeup A proper and healthy diet Exercising and proper hydration Exfoliation Light whitening for rosy cheeks without makeup Taking vitamins and replenishing the deficiency in the body Controlling feelings of anger and tension Getting a proper massage to supply the cheeks naturally.


A healthy and healthy diet:

The health of your face and skin starts with your stomach and the nature of the foods you eat. In order to get rosy cheeks naturally without makeup, you should eat breakfast, lunch and dinner regularly, and not miss any meal from them, or you can divide the quantities of food into 4-6 meals a day. During the day and when you feel hungry, eat healthy snacks, here are tips to help you determine an appropriate eating routine.


Cut back on red meat and replace it with fish and chicken. Use low-fat dairy products. Get your dose of protein through lentils.


Exercise and proper hydration:

In order to maintain the health of your stomach and reflect on your skin and face, and thus get rosy cheeks without cosmetics and makeup, you must continue to exercise regularly, in order to stimulate blood circulation that gives your face freshness and vitality, in addition to drinking moderate amounts of water and fluids. .


Exfoliation: Natural skin exfoliation is indispensable, because it is a major step in smoothing the cheeks, without resorting to cosmetics.

Exfoliate your skin once a week using coffee or oatmeal to remove dead skin cells and thus get fresh and supple cheeks.


Light bleaching for rosy cheeks without makeup: Get rosy cheeks without makeup tools, by mixing 3 tablespoons of water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, then distribute the mixture with a cotton pad on the skin, and for a few minutes, wash your face with plain water, and thus you get white skin and cheeks.

Naturally rosy.


Take vitamins and compensate for the deficiency in the body: your face looks pale due to the lack of many important vitamins in the body such as vitamin C and E, you can take nutritional supplements that increase the proportions of these elements, thus blood circulation to your face and you get beautiful rosy cheeks or you can make a thick paste Of the orange peels added to it a vitamin E capsule and a cream of milk, then distribute it on the cheeks, and after a third of an hour, wash your face with cold water.





Controlling feelings of anger and tension: Pink cheeks may become a distant target if you cannot control feelings of anger and tension, which affect the health of your skin and face negatively, so you must get periods of sleep and rest balanced, and thus your skin secretes the nutrients it needs during your sleep.


Getting a proper massage to supply the cheeks naturally:

The last step in the routine of supplying the cheeks without makeup, is to massage your face with soft movements that stimulate blood circulation and improve the amount of blood flow, and thus you get shiny and glowing pink cheeks, massage your cheeks in a direction and counterclockwise and then you will see an amazing result .

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