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Experts Explained! Is the Monkey Blossom Virus Sexually Transmitted?


Experts Explained! Is the Monkey Blossom Virus

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have not passed. On the contrary, in many countries there has been a significant case increase in recent times. However, the only danger we are facing right now is not Covid-19! The number of people who have the disease caused by the monkey pox virus is increasing day by day! Until a few months ago, the number of people affected by the monkey pox virus was quite minimal. However, the number of cases today has exceeded 16,000 ’! When the virus continued to spread, the World Health Organization recently declared (DSO) “global emergency”. In short, many people are worried that the monkey blossom will turn into a new global epidemic…


On the other hand, interesting data about monkey flowers continue to be shared. Although the virus is not in the “sexually transmitted disease ” category, news and research highlighting sexual contact are emerging. In some important academic studies, it is stated that monkey flowers are among the most gay men. WHO also says that the cases seen in gay men are intense. All this leads to the impression that the monkey flower is a sexually transmitted virus. According to experts, this is not true! Let’s look at the details together.


It is natural for a virus outbreak to spread in a particular group before the general population


That is, the idea that the monkey flower only affects gay men is extremely wrong! WHO says the virus can spread to the general population and therefore should not be rehabilitated. So the monkey pox virus can infect all humans.


Is the monkey pox virus sexually transmitted?


According to some experts, it is not right to categorize the virus as sexually transmitted or non-contaminated. On the other hand, sexual contact is a highly effective way to spread the virus. But despite this, monkey pox disease is not in the category of sexually transmitted diseases. Because sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted through body plaster. For this, sexual contact is required. However, the monkey flower does not need body fluid, and therefore sexual intercourse in order to be transmitted. The virus can be transmitted through skin contact, cuddling, dirty surfaces, and even airborne saliva. So monkey pox is not just a sexually transmitted disease.


Vaccination for risk groups in the Netherlands

There has been a noticeable increase in monkey pox cases in the Netherlands. According to the latest data, the number of people with whom the virus was detected increased to 712’. It is also stated that this number is increasing rapidly. Accordingly, vaccination studies are being carried out for people who are in risk groups in the Netherlands. Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is worried that the July 30 march will cause the virus to spread further. For this reason, vaccination of gay men, transgender people and sex workers with high rates of the virus has been started. In this context, 32,000 people in the risk group are planned to be vaccinated.


Those in the risk group are given the vaccine called “Imvanex”


As you know, it is a specially developed against monkey pox disease vaccine or no cure. However, this disease has similar characteristics to smallpox. For this reason, flower vaccines are often used against monkey flowers. On the other hand, the Ivanex vaccine developed against smallpox is also protective against monkey flowers. Finally, this vaccine will be administered as two doses at a break of 4 weeks


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