Do Not Harm Your Skin! 4 Signs Your Makeup and Care Products Are Disrupting

Those who have been using the same mascara for the past few years! If you think that the products you opened years ago and rarely used are safe, you are wrong. 😪 When it comes to makeup and care products, the covers start to process the hours from the moment they are opened. Even the foundation and headlights that we think we can use forever are life-long. Some products may break even earlier than expected. We realize that it is not easy to say goodbye to the products you give hundreds or even thousands of pounds. But you should remember that in the long run, these products can cause serious damage to your skin. We have researched the signs that your makeup and care products are broken for you…


Of course the expiration date has passed!


These marks in the image show how long the products can be used after opening. The letter M stands for “month”, or month. For example, a product that says 6 M should be used within 6 months after the cover is opened. Although we pay attention to these dates in some products, when it comes to makeup materials such as lipstick or eye shadow, we can ignore the life of the products. We need to be more careful about our makeup. Experts say that skin products such as foundation should be changed once a year. The mascara needs to be renewed every 3-4 months. Of course, not everything is an expiration date. If you have kept the product in ideal conditions, you can use it safely for a while even if it passes the date. However, there is no need to take risks in cases where you are not sure about the storage conditions! Experts recommend that you take notes somewhere so that you do not lose sight of the usage times of the products. If you appreciate it, it can be difficult to keep in mind when each product is opened.


The consistency of the product has changed


If the product starts to dry, watered, takes a sticky consistency or splits into its components, you need to take these signs into account. This all indicates that it is time to change the product. For example, the liquid part of the product is lumped and thickened at some point. Think rimels! In such cases, changing the product so as not to damage your skin will be the most logical move.


The color of the product has changed


You may want to think again before using your cream that changes color. Products, such as spoiled fruits and vegetables, also change color. Although it is difficult to distinguish the color change in products such as eyeshadow or eyeliner, you can easily notice the color changes in creams or serums. All you need to do is take the time to observe the products before applying them! If you notice that your white cream is slowly turning yellow, it is time to change it! 😪


It starts to smell different than normal

Fragrant products can lose their smell over time. However, if you notice that odorless products start to smell, it is useful to be careful. We are aware that it is not easy to throw away hundreds or even thousands of pounds of products you give. You can improve the storage conditions to extend the life of your products, try to divide large products into small containers that will not take air. When it comes to healthy skin, you should remember that you should say goodbye to products that have filled their life.


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