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Learn about the foods that fight hunger

Who among us does not hate the feeling of hunger, especially the need to eat “snacks” between meals, not to mention the deadly hunger that we feel while following a harsh diet, but the good and positive thing is that we do not have to be hostages of hunger anymore, as some studies have revealed. Talking about a group of foods that stop hunger and give a feeling of fullness and satisfaction for a long period during the day, here are the most important of these foods:


1) Raspberry




In addition to its many health benefits, berries are one of the most hunger-fighting foods. They have few calories and are rich in fiber, which makes them feel full quickly and for a longer period. In addition, they are rich in vitamin C, manganese, and potassium.


– If berries are not available in the winter, you can get them frozen and add them to water, milk, or even salad, or mix them with any other fruit to get a healthy and refreshing juice.


2) Seaweed




Seaweed significantly suppresses appetite and reduces hunger significantly. It has long been known in Asia, but today everywhere, as it helps in weight loss because it reduces appetite, in addition to containing protein that burns fats and beneficial fibers, which help in the digestion process and control blood sugar. And hunger.


Seaweed can be used in soup or snack foods that are sold and contain seaweed that we find in the supermarket.


3) Pistachios and other nuts


The information may be surprising to you, but pistachios and some nuts help in weight loss due to their effect in giving a feeling of fullness for a long time, and pistachios give good results for the waist circumference! The quantity of pistachios can be monitored through the shells, and thus the quantity can be controlled.


Nuts can be added to yogurt or dessert, or mixed with berries and seaweed.


4) Legumes




Legumes are rich in fiber, so they help reduce hunger, and they are slow digested, so they give a feeling of fullness for a long time, such as beans, peas, lentils, chickpeas, and soybeans. In addition to fighting hunger, legumes are good for maintaining cholesterol levels.


– Make sure to always have any type of legumes in the refrigerator, and legumes can be added to salads and soups.


5) Eggs




Eggs are an additional weapon with which to fight hunger, as a recent study showed that people who eat eggs in the morning need fewer calories for the rest of the day, and scientists explained that a breakfast that contains eggs can keep a person not hungry for 24 hours.


In order not to let eggs affect the cholesterol level, it is recommended to eat eggs in moderation, and we can eat egg whites more than the yolks.

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