Exercise is the most successful way to get rid of fat

Most people spend long, continuous hours in gyms to get rid of excess fat, while experts have determined the duration and type of exercise that should be practiced to burn calories from specific foods.


Some people are interested in knowing the calorie content of the foods they eat, while a recent study indicates that determining the time each person needs to exercise to burn the calories in foods may prompt him not to eat them.


As the burning rate differs from one person to another, the amount of time that must be spent to get rid of and burn fat varies.


For example, a woman who weighs 75 kilograms should:


– Jump for 45 minutes to burn two pieces of pizza, and 20 minutes to burn a cup of soft drink.


– Walking briskly for an hour and a half to burn a small packet of French fries, and 20 minutes to burn a small piece of chocolate cookie.


As for a man who weighs 90 kilograms:


– Riding a bicycle for 50 minutes to burn 3 pieces of fried chicken.


– Sprint for half an hour to burn off a cheeseburger.


– Walk for an hour to burn off a bar of chocolate.


It is natural that the time required to burn these foods varies from one person to another, but to avoid weight gain it is best to eat them in moderation and exercise for at least half an hour daily.

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