8 Facts About Plastic Surgery You’ve Probably Never Heard of Before

We are living in a period where aesthetic operations are spreading with great speed. About 20-30 years ago, lying under the knife with aesthetic concerns was not a very welcome situation. Therefore, it was not widely observed. However, many clinics today offer services that can be evaluated in the category of plastic surgery. From fillings to silicones, to fillings, plastic surgery we have researched and compiled the unknowns related to. Here are 8 things you have never heard of about aesthetic operations before…


Plastic surgery is becoming increasingly common


According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number and rate of aesthetic surgeries is increasing year by year. Now people from different age groups around the world are knocking on the door of experts.


Americans are spending a lot of money on plastic surgery


In 2010, for example, about 10.7 billion dollars were spent on cosmetic procedures. Many of these surgeries were not covered by insurance. So the patients either took out a loan or had to pay out of pocket. Such procedures cause people to turn to third world countries where aesthetic surgeries are cheaper.


The Caucasus makes the most aesthetic intervention!



81% of aesthetic surgeries are performed on patients of white race. This is 8% in Hispanics, 6% in African-Americans and 4% in Asians.


Doctors give priority not to beauty services, but to surgeries


According to a survey conducted by the American Society for Plastic Surgery, 75% of doctors do not offer an additional service free of charge with surgery. Again, 88% of these doctors prefer not to work in clinics where non-surgical procedures such as botox or laser are performed. We see that clinics where every service is combined are more common in our country.


The most operative age group is 35-50


In 2010, more than 4 million procedures were performed on this age group. In other words, patients between the ages of 35-50 were 44% of the total number of patients.


Women lay under knives more often than men


When we think about the perception of beauty imposed on women, this result is not surprising! In 2010, women went under the knife about 8.6 million times. This number made up 92% of the total procedures.


The number of male patients is increasing every day


Aesthetic operations are not always performed in hospitals


More than half of plastic surgery operations, about 56%, are performed in offices. In contrast, only 19% of it is done in hospitals.

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