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Discovery of a virus that makes humans “more stupid”

American scientists discovered, by chance, a new virus that had not been observed before, capable of infecting humans, making them more stupid and reducing their perceptual and cognitive abilities.


Scientists from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the University of Nebraska confirmed that the virus, which primarily infects algae and has not been previously discovered in humans, can affect human cognitive functions, such as spatial perception or visual processing.


The discovery of the virus came by chance, while scientists were engaged in a scientific study related to microbes that infect the human throat.


Scientists discovered that the DNA in the throats of healthy people matches the DNA of a virus that infects green algae, according to the British newspaper The Independent.


Scientists found the virus in 40 people, out of 90 who contributed to the study.


The researchers conducted various cognitive and behavioral tests for all participants, and the results of those infected with the virus were clearly lower.


Virologist Robert Yolken pointed out that the new discovery represents clear evidence of the extent to which microorganisms in the human body can change perception and behavior.


The official journal of the National Academy of Sciences in the United States of America published the results of the study

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