Five ways to reduce your appetite

Five ways to reduce your appetite











1- Drink large amounts of water:















Stay away from meals rich in fats. Water not only makes your stomach feel full, but thirst may also cause you to feel hungry, so it is preferable to drink natural or filtered water.


2- Good chewing:



It is a part of the brain that controls appetite, called hypothqlqmus, and a person knows how full or hungry he feels, so chewing food well and for a longer period gives the brain enough time to register the feeling of fullness more quickly.



3- Sports with effort:



Many people believe that exercise and effort make a person feel hungry because of burning more calories, but the opposite is true. Effort and vigorous exercise help burn calories and dispel the feeling of hunger for several hours.


When feeling hungry, the brain tempts the person to eat healthy snacks instead of meals rich in fat. But be careful not to skip any basic meal, otherwise you will be forced to eat fatty snacks, and thus the calories you lost during exercise will return to you.



4- Mixing and equivalence:



Nutrition expert Jane Clark says that eating a variety of different types of food makes you feel psychologically comfortable and reduces the amount of food you eat. In addition, she advises everyone to taste different types of food that are rich in beneficial elements that the body needs in one meal, and to accustom ourselves to the diversity of flavors in our food, and it is also possible to introduce some flavorings and spices.



5- Eliminate snacks:



Adopting the old saying, “The main meals are the best.” Starting with a complete breakfast with all its elements, from milk, corn flakes, fruits, and juices, to a meal rich in vegetables and fruits, and a comprehensive dinner with grilled meat and vegetables.

Therefore, regular eating automatically stops your feeling of hunger, but snacks may disrupt this system. You may need a light meal such as an apple, a piece of diet biscuit, skim milk, or low-fat yoghurt. There is nothing wrong with that to quell the hunger a little, but Provided that the body does not get used to it

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