Believe in Miracles! 10 Things You Should Do to Have Great Lashes in a Month


We all know how quickly these standards can change when it comes to beauty standards. Of course, this does not apply to long and bushy eyelashes! 😊 Long eyelashes, which have attracted the attention of both men and women for tens, maybe even hundreds of years, maintain their popularity today. Although some people create this effect with false or silk eyelashes, some others seek to lengthen their natural eyelashes! If you want to have wonderful eyelashes with easy care you can do at home, you are in the right place! We researched and wrote what you need to do to have long and bushy eyelashes in a month. Here are 10 steps you need to follow to get great eyelashes…

1. Comb your lashes

Combing your eyelashes increases blood flow and accelerates the growth of your eyelashes. Thoroughly clean an old mascara brush, then comb your lashes with a few drops of vitamin E. Do this application twice a day for 5 minutes.

2. Make use of natural oils

Natural oils such as coconut oil or olive oil contain important fatty acids that nourish eyelashes. All you have to do is drop a few drops of oil on your fingertips and apply it to your eyelashes before going to bed at night!

3. Apply pure petroleum jelly to your lashes

Pure Vaseline is perfect for soothing and moisturizing dry lashes. Before going to bed at night, apply pure Vaseline to your eyelashes with the help of a brush. Remember to avoid eye contact! When you wake up in the morning, rinse your lashes well.

4. Eat a balanced diet


Vitamin deficiency is one of the most important factors that trigger hair and eyelash loss. Take care to consume more protein for bushy and long eyelashes. Additionally, include foods rich in fatty acids, such as fish, nuts, eggs, and meat.

5. Benefit from green tea

Green tea, which contains plenty of antioxidants and vitamins, is an indispensable part of hair loss treatments. To apply green tea to your eyelashes, brew a cup of green tea and let it cool. Then apply it to your eyelashes twice a day with the help of a cotton ball.

6. Apply aloe vera


Aloe vera gel is great for nourishing and strengthening your lashes. Take a fresh aloe vera leaf and extract its gel. Then apply it to your eyelashes with your fingertips before going to sleep at night. Don’t forget to rinse your lashes in the morning. If you wish, you can mix aloe vera with olive oil and double the effect! 😏

7. Massage your eye area

Massaging your eye area accelerates blood flow and nourishes your eyelashes. Wash your hands first to massage your eye area. Apply a few drops of olive or coconut oil to your fingers, then massage your eyelids and eyelashes for 5 minutes. Repeat this process several times a week.

8. Apply an egg mask


Egg contains biotin, one of the most important substances for hair and eyelash health. Mix 1 egg and 1 tablespoon of Vaseline in a bowl. Apply the mixture you prepared on your lashes. Repeat this process 3 times a week for a few weeks.

9. Clean your eye area regularly


Sleeping without removing your makeup is one of the worst things you can do for your eyelashes! If you want to have healthy and long eyelashes, you should not sleep without removing your make-up.

10. Avoid makeup as much as possible


Especially stay away from waterproof mascara! Take care to rest your eyelashes at least 1-2 days a week. Of course, it is also beneficial to change your make-up materials regularly to avoid eye infections.

Bonus 👇🏻

  • Don’t pull your lashes! Eyelashes have a much more delicate structure than we think. So you need to be gentle when curling them.
  • No care method gives instant results! When it comes to eyelash care, you have to be patient and consistent.
  • While daily care can strengthen your lashes, remember that genetics also play an important role.
  • Under normal conditions, each person loses 4 eyelashes per day. If you notice anything unusual, be sure to contact your doctor.

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