Your mouth always smells beautiful with these steps

Neglecting the health of the teeth and the accumulation of waste and sediment day after day and its fermentation are among the most important causes that lead to bad breath, and when eating food that has a pungent odor such as onions and garlic, you feel this smell. In addition to the previous reasons, there are pathological causes such as tonsillitis and tracheitis, in addition to stomach disorders that lead to Because of the occurrence of rot in the intestine, which brings out this smell. After identifying the causes, how can we overcome the odors of the mouth?




Brushing the teeth twice a day, and this method is one of the most effective ways to remove bacteria from between the teeth and under the edge of the gums. Experts advise using medical floss to clean the teeth for those with adjacent teeth.






Using the medical rinse fluid available in pharmacies; It is antibacterial and specially formulated to make the mouth an unsuitable environment for bacteria to grow.









Natural recipes for the mouthwash:


1- Make a solution of warm water and honey.


2- One tablespoon of peppermint oil in a glass of warm water.


3- Marjoram every day as a gargle to clean the throat.


4- Chewing a clove flower after eating as a mouth freshener

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