Magic mask to return your skin to its natural color in 20 minutes

Many women suffer from dark skin because of the sun, for several reasons, including work and study. Working women and girls who are in the study stage are more exposed to the sun and its harmful rays, and because the beauty of your skin matters to us, we will show you a magic mask to restore the skin’s natural color, and even more than that, these The recipe helps to restore vitality to your skin, and make it fresh, light and radiant in less than a month. Now, follow the recipe with it, apply it, and enjoy light and radiant skin.


the components :


A quantity of cucumber juice.


A quantity of flour.







Put the cucumber juice in a bowl, and then start adding the white flour to it gradually until you have a soft, spreadable dough. After preparing the mask, spread it on your face for 20 to 30 minutes.


After that, wash your face with cold water, repeat this mask every week, and enjoy a month full of freshness and vitality.


Interesting information:


Dear Eve, to enjoy soft and supple skin, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and drink more water

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