Be A Diet Diva With These Top Superfoods List

the year 2022 there will be many ‘TOP’ Tops, Bottoms, Heels, Makeup, Jewelry, Films/Awards, Destinations etc. vying for your attention. But there can be nothing like Top superfoods list of 2022.

In the age of eating better and feeling healthy, superfood diet and super healthy foods are topping the chart, thanks to the dietitians and health portals. Many new patterns have evolved such as organic superfood, amazing grass green superfood, superfood smoothie which are now finding space and love in the grocery stores. Wellness cafes are also mushrooming in the metro cities and menus are becoming nutritionally researched. From the next great smoothie and herbal tea to “food alternatives”, most of us are eager to grab knowledge on the right food, the right ingredients, the right superfoods.

Each year doesn’t come empty-handed, but with its own food trends. And 2018 is no different. So it’s time to know and stock new and super healthy foods. Whether you are a chef, avid health watcher or a foodie, know the superfood diet which will keep you in the pink of health.

List of Top Superfoods in 2022

1. Activated Popcorn

Sounds out of this galaxy, right? Well, this tasty snack is made by only one brand in the world ‘Living Intentions’. This superfood is ‘air-popped’ corn dusted with superfoods and probiotics, which makes it a nutritious and mouth-watering treat. Yeah, activated popcorn actually beats every other popcorn you have had.

Guess the flavors of activated popcorn made by Living Intentions?

There is Tandoori Turmeric, Salsa Verde, Cinnamon Twist, and Berry Smoothie. Holy Taste and now Health too!

Activated Popcorn

2. Cacao

Though chocolate is still taken as a treat (despite the dark and unprocessed chocolate), ladies and gentlemen, cacao is not a treat. That’s because cacao nibs and powder are not sweet. Though cacao is bitter, it is still delicious.

Cacao and super healthy foods?

Yes, just one serving of cacao powder has 40 times more ANTIOXIDANTS than blueberries. Apart from antioxidants, cacao also has iron, calcium, and magnesium. Surprised, right?


3. Adaptogens

This amazing grass green superfood might not be new, yet it is buzzing on the internet. What is it? It is a substance which increases resistance against the stress-related diseases.

Many people will be surprised to find out that most of the adaptogens are found in the pot of herbal tea which is brewing.

By the way, do you know the most common adaptogens? They are:

  • Ashwagandha
  • Holy Basil (Tulsi)
  • Licorice
  • Gotu Kola
  • Panax Ginseng and few others

In fact, there are teas, powders, and other herbal supplements containing these super healthy foods which improve the digestion, do hormone balancing, reduce stress and even fight insomnia.

Amazing Grass Green Superfood

4. Turmeric

Most people are of the view that turmeric or ‘haldi’ is used to add a robust yellow color to the curries and gravies and fried foods. What if I tell you that turmeric has bagged the honor of one of the top health trends of the year 2017?

Turmeric is one of the wonderful super healthy foods with a natural anti-inflammatory property. It can be taken in the form of capsules, sprinkled on food or added to hot drinks (like milk). In short, turmeric calls for a standing ovation as it makes its way into the Top superfoods list of 2018 because it is far ahead of treating seasonal ailments and painful wounds.

Turmeric spice has “curcumin”, a powerful antioxidant, which helps in liver rejuvenation and elimination of toxins.


5. Chia Seeds

Full of fiber, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids, chia seeds make super healthy foods. Enjoy them in crunchy or gel form. Or better still, add it to overnight oats, yogurt, smoothies (yes, chia seeds is a wonderful superfood smoothie), cereal or anything that allows them to soak up and expand their goodness. Add chia seeds to homemade rolls and enjoy fewer carbs and more crunch. Makes sense, right?

Super Healthy Foods

6. Acai

Think out of the box acai is definitely not only used to add a dash of purple to food. This cute little berry comes with amazing benefits – fiber, antioxidants, even healthy fats.

If you are an Instagram freak and love posting pictures, add some flair to your breakfast bowl by adding a dash of acai powder.


7. Sacha Inchi

You find them just like peanuts, right? Unlike them, sacha inchi is a complete plant protein. One- quarter cup of the whole seed gives 8 gm protein, 5 gm fiber, and healthy fats.

Want more good news?

If you are allergic to peanuts, worry not. Sacha inchi is a good substitute.

Sacha Inchi

8. Superfood Powder Blends

Sometimes getting enough of nutrients in a day is hard. Superfood powder blends is a good option to explore.

Though there are many brands selling out such mixes, many of them vary in colors – such as green, orange, and purple. The base is the same – chia seeds, flax, adaptogens and more. The difference lies in fruit and veggie infusions.

Superfood Powder Blends

9. Maca Powder

For vegans who want a natural source of calcium, maca powder is the go-to superfood diet. Maca is an adaptogen rich in phytonutrients. This ups the energy levels and balances your hormones. It may even have sexual benefits.

And yes…

Maca powder has a unique flavor which can add zing to your breakfast smoothie.

Superfood Diet

10. Nutritional Yeast

Dairy intolerance is a common ailment these days. Cheese lovers have to avoid it for this reason. Thankfully, there is a substitute for it called nutritional yeast. It tastes like cheese but it is a lot healthier. You get a complete dose of protein and B vitamins from nutritional yeast. Having it regularly can give you glowing skin, strong nails, and gorgeous locks

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