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January 24, 2022 admin

Sephora’s New Affordable Mascara Gave Me All the Drama Without the Clumps

There are two things I need when it comes to mascara: drama and drama. I much prefer thick, ultra-black formulas to more natural-looking ones. What I don’t like are clumps that keep me from layering a dozen coats to my heart’s desire. So, when Sephora revealed it was launching a new mascara under its budget-friendly Sephora Collection line, I knew I had to try it. Though I’m consistently impressed with the line’s offerings, I didn’t have high hopes Sephora Collection’s Big By Definition Defining & Volumizing Mascara would deliver everything I wanted. Well, I was pretty wrong about that.

The ultra-black buildable, vegan mascara promises to define and separate every lash with its multidimensional brush. Plant-based proteins and vegetable-derived waxes condition lashes while the mascara adds clump-free volume. “It looks natural and instantly volumized after one coat but can also build for a more dramatic effect,” Helen Dagdag, Sephora Collection National Artist, tells STYLECASTER.

Sephora Collection.

She’s right. On the first swipe, I was a little disappointed at how naturally full my lashes looked. Those who like that look will love this formula. But I was pleasantly surprised when I continued to layer on the volume and my lashes got longer and fuller with literally zero clumps. I checked myself out in the back of an Uber and was shocked at how great my lashes looked. The lightweight formula really feels like you’re wearing nothing.

I’ve been focusing so much on the formula, but Dagdag’s favorite part about this new mascara is actually the brush. “It has a slight taper and isn’t too big, so you won’t end up with a mess all over your lids,” she says. “The brush is on the smaller side which really allows you to build volume from the base and pull the formula through each lash for a defined look.” She likes to wiggle it at the base of her lashes and slowly “pull up and out” for a fanned-out effect.

I wore Big By Definition for most of the day and was impressed it didn’t flake all over my face considering how many coats I used. It did fade by the end of the day, about as much as other budget-friendly versions. But for $12, it’s a great option for pretty much everyone, for more natural-lash lovers or those who need the drama, like me.

January 12, 2022 admin

Foods That Keep You Full


Fullness, which is the feeling of fullness we experience after eating, is a term that helps us measure our appetite. Each food affects the feeling of fullness differently, and foods that keep you full can also help maintain health and lose weight in the long run.

Of course, if your primary goal is to lose weight, let’s say that it is useful to consult a dietitian to make a programming about how and when you will consume these foods.

Foods That Keep You Full-2 - Hair Care & Beauty

What properties do satiating foods contain?

High protein: Protein that lowers the levels of hunger hormone ghrelin and satiety hormone leptin, improving appetite; They are the foods with the highest satiety compared to carbohydrates or fat.

High fiber: By slowing the emptying of the stomach and increasing the digestion time, fiber causes you to feel full for a long time.

High volume: Foods containing a lot of water or air also cause you to feel full for a long time.

Low energy density: This means that a food is low in calories for its weight. Such foods usually contain a lot of water and fiber and little fat.

Which foods are filling?

Firstly; Let’s say that all unprocessed foods have more satiety properties compared to processed foods.


Of course, at the top of the list comes vegetables, which are loaded with all kinds of vitamins, minerals and beneficial plant compounds. These high-volume and low-calorie foods contain plenty of water and fiber. If you try to eat salads before you eat them, you may find that you will consume less carbohydrate and fat-containing meals afterward, and that salad alone may be enough to keep you full.

Bonus: Chewing food too much during meals is one of the important factors affecting the digestive system and calorie intake. Chewing salads also benefits overall health, as it takes longer to chew than other foods.


This category, which includes foods such as beans, peas, lentils and chickpeas, are known as fiber and protein stores. This causes them to be among the foods with the highest satiety compared to other foods.


Almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts are consumed a lot to relieve hunger during lunch breaks or between two meals. Not only does it relieve the feeling of hunger, but it also has many benefits on general health, as they are very rich in healthy fats 

Foods That Keep You Full-4 - Hair Care & Beauty

coconut oil

Containing a unique combination of approximately 90% saturated fatty acids, coconut oil is in every aspect of our lives, from beauty routines to hair care. It’s also loaded with triglycerides, which drastically reduce appetite and calorie intake. You can use it by adding a teaspoon of coconut oil to your coffee for an energetic morning . Coconut oil is one of the foods that can also help you burn fat.


It is a common misconception that liquid foods are less satiating than solid foods. (*) Especially soups made with grains or vegetables are also very rich in protein and vitamins and are among the foods that keep you full. 


If you think that the meat with the highest protein is red meat, we can say that the saturation of red meat comes later than fish. Fish, which is very rich in omega-3 fatty acids, can increase the feeling of satiety in people who are overweight or obese. 

Boiled potato

Boiled and peeled potatoes are rich in various vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C and potassium. Boiled potatoes that contain no fat also contain fiber, protein and water. You can create a healthy menu that will keep you full all night by replacing the rice or pasta you make with red meat for dinner with boiled potatoes.


Eggs, which are extremely healthy and nutritious, are especially consumed by athletes. Consuming 2 eggs at breakfast with high protein will cause you to spend your lunch with light things.

One study found that eating eggs for breakfast instead of bagels increased satiety and led to less calorie intake over the next 36 hours. 

January 6, 2022 admin

Be A Diet Diva With These Top Superfoods List

the year 2022 there will be many ‘TOP’ Tops, Bottoms, Heels, Makeup, Jewelry, Films/Awards, Destinations etc. vying for your attention. But there can be nothing like Top superfoods list of 2022.

In the age of eating better and feeling healthy, superfood diet and super healthy foods are topping the chart, thanks to the dietitians and health portals. Many new patterns have evolved such as organic superfood, amazing grass green superfood, superfood smoothie which are now finding space and love in the grocery stores. Wellness cafes are also mushrooming in the metro cities and menus are becoming nutritionally researched. From the next great smoothie and herbal tea to “food alternatives”, most of us are eager to grab knowledge on the right food, the right ingredients, the right superfoods.

Each year doesn’t come empty-handed, but with its own food trends. And 2018 is no different. So it’s time to know and stock new and super healthy foods. Whether you are a chef, avid health watcher or a foodie, know the superfood diet which will keep you in the pink of health.

List of Top Superfoods in 2022

1. Activated Popcorn

Sounds out of this galaxy, right? Well, this tasty snack is made by only one brand in the world ‘Living Intentions’. This superfood is ‘air-popped’ corn dusted with superfoods and probiotics, which makes it a nutritious and mouth-watering treat. Yeah, activated popcorn actually beats every other popcorn you have had.

Guess the flavors of activated popcorn made by Living Intentions?

There is Tandoori Turmeric, Salsa Verde, Cinnamon Twist, and Berry Smoothie. Holy Taste and now Health too!

Activated Popcorn

2. Cacao

Though chocolate is still taken as a treat (despite the dark and unprocessed chocolate), ladies and gentlemen, cacao is not a treat. That’s because cacao nibs and powder are not sweet. Though cacao is bitter, it is still delicious.

Cacao and super healthy foods?

Yes, just one serving of cacao powder has 40 times more ANTIOXIDANTS than blueberries. Apart from antioxidants, cacao also has iron, calcium, and magnesium. Surprised, right?


3. Adaptogens

This amazing grass green superfood might not be new, yet it is buzzing on the internet. What is it? It is a substance which increases resistance against the stress-related diseases.

Many people will be surprised to find out that most of the adaptogens are found in the pot of herbal tea which is brewing.

By the way, do you know the most common adaptogens? They are:

  • Ashwagandha
  • Holy Basil (Tulsi)
  • Licorice
  • Gotu Kola
  • Panax Ginseng and few others

In fact, there are teas, powders, and other herbal supplements containing these super healthy foods which improve the digestion, do hormone balancing, reduce stress and even fight insomnia.

Amazing Grass Green Superfood

4. Turmeric

Most people are of the view that turmeric or ‘haldi’ is used to add a robust yellow color to the curries and gravies and fried foods. What if I tell you that turmeric has bagged the honor of one of the top health trends of the year 2017?

Turmeric is one of the wonderful super healthy foods with a natural anti-inflammatory property. It can be taken in the form of capsules, sprinkled on food or added to hot drinks (like milk). In short, turmeric calls for a standing ovation as it makes its way into the Top superfoods list of 2018 because it is far ahead of treating seasonal ailments and painful wounds.

Turmeric spice has “curcumin”, a powerful antioxidant, which helps in liver rejuvenation and elimination of toxins.


5. Chia Seeds

Full of fiber, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids, chia seeds make super healthy foods. Enjoy them in crunchy or gel form. Or better still, add it to overnight oats, yogurt, smoothies (yes, chia seeds is a wonderful superfood smoothie), cereal or anything that allows them to soak up and expand their goodness. Add chia seeds to homemade rolls and enjoy fewer carbs and more crunch. Makes sense, right?

Super Healthy Foods

6. Acai

Think out of the box acai is definitely not only used to add a dash of purple to food. This cute little berry comes with amazing benefits – fiber, antioxidants, even healthy fats.

If you are an Instagram freak and love posting pictures, add some flair to your breakfast bowl by adding a dash of acai powder.


7. Sacha Inchi

You find them just like peanuts, right? Unlike them, sacha inchi is a complete plant protein. One- quarter cup of the whole seed gives 8 gm protein, 5 gm fiber, and healthy fats.

Want more good news?

If you are allergic to peanuts, worry not. Sacha inchi is a good substitute.

Sacha Inchi

8. Superfood Powder Blends

Sometimes getting enough of nutrients in a day is hard. Superfood powder blends is a good option to explore.

Though there are many brands selling out such mixes, many of them vary in colors – such as green, orange, and purple. The base is the same – chia seeds, flax, adaptogens and more. The difference lies in fruit and veggie infusions.

Superfood Powder Blends

9. Maca Powder

For vegans who want a natural source of calcium, maca powder is the go-to superfood diet. Maca is an adaptogen rich in phytonutrients. This ups the energy levels and balances your hormones. It may even have sexual benefits.

And yes…

Maca powder has a unique flavor which can add zing to your breakfast smoothie.

Superfood Diet

10. Nutritional Yeast

Dairy intolerance is a common ailment these days. Cheese lovers have to avoid it for this reason. Thankfully, there is a substitute for it called nutritional yeast. It tastes like cheese but it is a lot healthier. You get a complete dose of protein and B vitamins from nutritional yeast. Having it regularly can give you glowing skin, strong nails, and gorgeous locks

January 2, 2022 admin

Cryptocurrency Trading Your Comprehensive Guide to Understanding the Field 2022

Cryptocurrencies are the talk of the hour and every hour, during the past few years we have heard about many people who have become millionaires thanks to them.

Today, trading or investing in cryptocurrencies has become one of the most popular and profitable ways to invest money online , especially in America and some European countries.

Unfortunately, there are not many Arab sources that explain effectively and realistically how to trade digital currencies, which greatly hinders the spread of this method in the Arab world.

This is the reason why we, in Winners, presented a series of articles on cryptocurrency trading to the Arab reader in order to present the field to him in an adequate way.

This article is the cornerstone of this series, which will take you on an interesting journey through the world of cryptocurrency trading in order to get acquainted in detail with all aspects of this process.

After reading this article and other articles on the site about cryptocurrency trading, you will be able to easily start your journey of making money from trading.

What does cryptocurrency trading mean?

Cryptocurrency, eespecially bitcoin is an alternative to the normal currencies that we deal with, such as: the Egyptian pound, the Saudi riyal or the US dollar.

These currencies are based on crypto technology, and in themselves they are not tied to any cover that gives them value such as gold, but they gain their value from supply and demand.

For this reason, it is characterized by the fact that its prices are very volatile, as it is possible, for example, that the price of Bitcoin today will be 64 thousand US dollars, and tomorrow it will be only 40 thousand – that is, it lost 24 thousand dollars of its value overnight – which is what specialists know as volatility, fluctuation or They also call it Volatility in English.

The feature that contributed to creating value for these digital currencies is that they are decentralized, meaning that there is no government, no bank, or even an institution that supervises and audits them.

This gives the user the freedom and privacy to carry out his financial transactions without worrying that someone or someone is monitoring him, in addition to not having to pay exorbitant amounts to banks or financial intermediaries.

Of course, this may be a drawback if this privacy is used incorrectly, and this feature has another downside, which is that there is no protection or compensation of any kind for you when you do anything wrong, or you are exposed to a fraud or the like.

Today there are not exaggerated thousands of digital currencies that are used around the world, but the most famous currencies are Bitcoin and Ether.

There are many ways on the Internet to profit from digital currencies, of course, the most famous of which are mining and investing, and the method that we will talk about today is cryptocurrency trading.

Cryptocurrency trading is a purely profitable process, you don’t need to fall in love with blockchain technology  or cryptocurrency for it, you just have to want to make some money.

Trading requires a lot of skills, time and effort, but it can bring you a lot of great profits in a very short time.

Contrary to what some think, trading is not a gamble or a bet, as it is – as you will soon know – based on a lot of observation, study and analysis of market patterns and events taking place around the world.

You are literally doing an effort similar to what stockbrokers do, studying the stocks and picking the most promising ones, and pouring their money into them to multiply.

Cryptocurrency trading is very different from investing, in investing you don’t really care about the current market movement, you look at the long-term value of the currency after many years, but trading is where you buy and sell currencies during short periods of up to a few minutes.

We will only talk about trading here, and in this and in the other articles that we will be publishing, we will teach you how to start profiting from cryptocurrency trading.

But if you want to know more about investing in digital currencies such as Bitcoin, write this to us in the comments, and we will provide articles that explain it.

Should you consider cryptocurrency trading?

Of course you have to keep cryptocurrency trading in mind, and even think about how to start trading right away, this field is one of the most profitable in recent years, and it is expected to remain that way for very many years.

But you have to be careful, although a cryptocurrency trader looks like someone who collects money from the air, this is not true at all.

In order to start making money, you must study and learn some things about trading well, and then you have to spend a lot of time and effort in applying them daily in the exchanges in order to actually make money.

Cryptocurrency trading is a job that will require you a lot of time every day in order to start making profits from it, apart from developing yourself, constantly learning and following the latest news, tools and explanations.

The profit and money used in trading operations varies according to the nature and type of trading, but in any case it is hard work like any other work.


Advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrency trading

Trading is a good option to profit from the Internet, but like anything it has its advantages and disadvantages :

First, the advantages of cryptocurrency trading

1. High profitability

Trading allows you to earn more money than any other field. With effort and perseverance, you can multiply your capital several times in just a year or 18 months.

If you make the right decision, you may be able to double your money overnight, while 20% profits are fantastic in similar ordinary areas of profit.

I will not deceive you my dear reader, what I am saying about profitability is one hundred percent true, but it needs enough experience and learning before you do this.

2. You don’t need a lot of money to start

You can start trading with whatever amount you have, you are not buying a whole bitcoin, you may be buying parts of a hundred thousand of a single bitcoin.

Of course, the more capital you are speculating with, the greater your profits will be, but this does not deprive you of opportunities to grow and climb the ladder from the beginning, but of course you will need more time.

3. There are a lot of experts and learning resources on the Internet

At this time YouTube is buzzing with hundreds of channels that explain everything small and large about cryptocurrency trading, and there are dozens of experts on Twitter, Reddit and forums that analyze each event and explain to less experienced amateurs and develop them.

With some determination, you can now learn all you want on this subject, become an expert on your own and be able to earn large amounts of money.

Second, the disadvantages of cryptocurrency trading

1. The cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile

As we have said, one of the main features of digital currencies is that they are very volatile – which makes their prices change very quickly overnight, they may increase to two times in an hour, and they may lose 90% of their value in minutes.

This volatility puts a lot of pressure on the traders to go to the extremes to analyze the markets and predict what will happen or else they will lose a lot of their money.

Traders also need to control their nerves and their behavior in order not to lose control and do stupid things and lose all the money.

2. The need for a large capital in order to obtain a large profit

We said in the advantages part that you can start with any amount and you will find your way among the big whales, but you should also note that to achieve large and satisfactory profits you must have a sufficient amount of money.

For example, if your capital was 10 dollars and you traded correctly and your money doubled, you would have 20 dollars, but if your investment was 100 thousand dollars, you would get 200 thousand dollars in a short period that you would not have imagined.

3. There are protection problems, hacking and human errors

Although cryptocurrencies themselves are decentralized and cannot be exposed or manipulated, the human factor is still a very big loophole and weakness.

It is possible that the trading platform you are using is deceiving you, or you may be defrauded by someone taking your coins.

Or even make a mistake when transferring your cryptocurrency to your wallet after trading, and your money will go to someone in India or Russia for good.


We will also provide very important secrets and tips, and we will alert you to potential mistakes so that you do not fall into them, do not worry, the winners protect your back.


The different types of cryptocurrency trading

In this article I try not to go too deep to be like an easy and simple introduction for those who don’t know anything about cryptocurrency trading.

But there are some things that you should know to understand trading more deeply, such as: the difference between Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis, because they will deepen your understanding of the types of cryptocurrency trading.

But in order not to get distracted or bored, I will talk in detail about this in another article, so be sure to follow all the articles that we publish in Winners regarding Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

In any case, there are several types or strategies for trading cryptocurrencies, and each has its pros and cons, and the preferred method varies from one trader to another.

All of these methods are based on one principle, which is to buy cryptocurrencies at the lowest price and sell them at the highest price, or as the famous phrase in the field says: “Buy Low, Sell High.”

The difference in these types and methods of trading lies only in the time periods that are between the buying and selling process, or the way in which these currencies are bought and sold.

The most important and most famous types in the world of digital currency trading are :

1. Day Trading

This method is the most famous in the world of cryptocurrency trading, and many traders prefer it over others, as it allows them to get quick profits.

It is carried out through many buying and selling operations that take place during the hours of the day, so that the trader ends all his transactions at the end of the day.

This method needs you to be vigilant and follow and monitor the statistics and analysis of your trading platform (don’t worry we will teach you this in detail).

Experience is also an important factor in this method of trading because you will have to predict the change in price movement before it happens, so there is a lot of risk involved.

You will buy during the periods of the day when the currencies are at a low price and sell when the prices are high, this will allow you to get quick near-instant gains or, God forbid, quick losses as well.

2. Scalping

Scalping is a bit close to day trading, but much faster if it takes place usually within minutes and sometimes seconds.

The goal of quick speculation is to get guaranteed profits with the least possible risk, you will make very little profit, but thanks to the speed of the process, its repetition will allow you to win a good amount of money.

Typically, traders with this method make dozens or even hundreds of quick trades in a single day.

But speculation is also not suitable for amateurs, it needs a very deep understanding of the market and price fluctuations, and this is in order to be able to succeed in obtaining profits.

One of the most important requirements for success in scalping is to be able to focus and make decisions quickly, because you will need to conduct transactions and make decisions within a few minutes.

3. Swing Trading

The third and final type that we will be discussing is swing trading, which is a strategy that tends to be a bit slow in making buying and selling.

Swing trading is based on identifying the beginning of a wave of decline or rise in the price of the digital currency, and then exploiting it to your advantage.

If you can predict that a currency will increase in price, you will buy it before or at the beginning of the wave at a low price, and then you will wait near the end of the price increase wave in order to sell it at the best possible price, and get profits, or vice versa.

This swing trading process can take several weeks or months, so you don’t need to be constantly monitoring analyzes and the like around the clock, which is why some prefer it.

As I concluded, this strategy may be the best and most suitable for beginners who do not have enough experience and knowledge, so you should definitely start with it.

Of course, this is not all types and strategies of cryptocurrency trading, but it is the most important thing that you cannot ignore, the rest of the types we will go through in other articles soon.


Understand the following before you start trading cryptocurrency

Now you may be wondering if cryptocurrency trading is right for you or what? This is a very important question even though the only one who can answer it is you and only you.

By reading about trading and cryptocurrency, you will be able to determine whether trading is right for you or not, but in my personal opinion, it is mainly due to your love of the tasks of monitoring, analysis, buying and selling.

Learning to trade is possible and even very easy, as there are dozens of sources on the Internet in all languages, which will enable you to know everything small and large in the world of trading and cryptocurrencies.

So I say trading is suitable in theory for everyone, the only difference being whether or not a person likes and accepts to do whatever it takes to trade.

As for choosing the right trading method for you, this needs to first know your capabilities and evaluate your experience and capabilities, but it is better no matter how you have listened to explanations and courses to start with swing trading.

Day trading and quick speculation need to be able to read market indicators quickly and proficiently, and the percentage of risk in them is much higher.

But you always have the option to integrate more than one method or method in cryptocurrency trading, as many people in the field do this.

You just have to take into account the risks and risks that you take, they are the only constant in all methods and strategies of trading.

You may now be excited to learn the steps to get started with cryptocurrency trading to make your profits spin, but I don’t want to lengthen this article and I would like to make it as simple and easy as possible.

Therefore, in the following articles, we will talk about how to enter this world, in addition to explaining some other important topics, such as:

  • Factors that change the price of digital currencies.
  • How to read different currency analyzes.
  • How to read market patterns and predict its movement.
  • The most important tips that you should know before you trade cryptocurrencies.
  • Beginner mistakes that you should not fall into.
  • Best and trusted platform for cryptocurrency trading.

And many other important things about cryptocurrencies and their trading, so be sure to follow what we publish on the winners well.

And let’s say briefly now that you have to understand a lot of technical things well before you start trading digital currencies, and this is in order not to lose your money or to be able to win more money.

For example, you will have to know the difference between Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis, and which one you should use in order to make the right decisions regarding your buying and selling operations.

Especially technical analysis, which is the most important tool ever in the hands of traders, and fortunately, you can learn about it through an article we previously published

Of course, you will have to know what the market demands are, and their different types; Such as market order, limit order, stop order, and other important types of market orders with different uses.

Fortunately for you, we have written an excellent article that will summarize and make all these complex matters easier for you

How to start trading cryptocurrency

Getting started in cryptocurrency trading is not difficult or complicated, but it requires you to have in-depth knowledge of some things and it may help you to practice a little before you start buying and selling currencies with your money.

As for the practical steps to start trading, they are:

  1. Learn the basics you need to trade cryptocurrencies.
  2. Choose the right trading platform for you.
  3. Create an account for you on this platform.
  4. Choose the cryptocurrency wallet that you will use to hold your cryptocurrency.
  5. Follow a strategy and plan for trading your cryptocurrency.

These are the basic steps that you can take to officially become a cryptocurrency trader, and you can learn more 

Cryptocurrency trading platforms

Cryptocurrency trading platforms are websites or software that connect sellers with buyers while preserving their rights and protecting them from fraud and deception.

Today there are hundreds of these trading platforms, each with different advantages and disadvantages, so there is no such thing as the best trading platform, at least not absolutely, but there is one that might be the best one for you.

Before choosing the right trading platform for you, you should research it well, read user reviews about its problems and drawbacks, as well as deeply understand its commission system in order to drain your profits.



Cryptocurrency trading is one of the most profitable fields right now, which everyone wants to learn and start making thousands of dollars from.

In this article we have given you a summary of the most important outlines about cryptocurrency trading to decide if this field is right for you or what?

We talked about cryptocurrencies in detail, and explained all the details of them in this article, and we talked frankly and transparently about trading, its disadvantages and advantages, and in the end we talked about the most important types of cryptocurrency trading and the advantages and disadvantages of each type of them.

I hope that you like this article and encourage you to enter this promising field, and I hope that you will share your opinion on the article, and tell us if you want to talk about any other topic related to digital currencies and how to profit from them.

Just write everything on your mind in the comments box below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible

January 1, 2022 admin

3 bags we picked for you for the month of December 2021

As you now know, every month we monitor the most prominent bags that formed the obsession with the stars and the fiesta, and thus occupy the forefront among the designs of the season, or what is known as It Pieces. If you want to stand out with a trendy block like a celebrity, then you should definitely get at least one bag from among the designs below. Read on, find out what it is, and be sure to get it!

bags we picked for you for the month of December 2021

1- PRADA Satin Mini-Bag With Artificial Crystals

The Prada bag is distinguished by its iconic Hobo shape, embellished with sparkling crystals and the House’s logo. This bag is suitable for formal, casual, chic and even everyday outfits. Who said you can’t carry a sparkly bag in a casual look? For example, pair it with jeans, a sweater and a jacket. And you can wear it with shiny clothes too, just like Leonie Hanne’s look.


The Prada bag is distinguished by its iconic Hobo shape, embellished with sparkling crystals and the House’s logo. This bag is suitable for formal, casual, chic and even everyday outfits. Who said you can’t carry a sparkly bag in a casual look? For example, pair it with jeans, a sweater and a jacket. And you can wear it with shiny clothes too, just like Leonie Hanne’s look.

The Bottega Veneta bag comes in a shearling wool fabric, very popular in fall-winter 2021-2022. This fabric helps give the looks a warm touch, and thanks to the fresh color of the bag, this piece flavors the looks with a refreshing and distinctive touch. Coordinate it in your daily and casual chic outfits, with clothes in calm colors or contrasting tones for a lively look in winter.

December 29, 2021 admin

The best Christmas gift ideas for men

Gifts express the exchange of feelings of love and friendliness between people, and they work to consolidate the relationship, whether it is a romantic relationship, a friendship relationship, or a loving relationship between family members. And in this article, we show you birthday  gifts ideas for men and the most important tips before buying gifts for men.


birthday gift ideas for men 

1) Sports shoes:

birthday gift ideas for men 

We all prefer good value, comfortable sports shoes, especially those from an international brand and good quality, that’s why you should put this idea at the top of your list of choices.

And you must investigate the quality that the person prefers, and choose the appropriate color for him, and that it fits his size perfectly.

2) clothes:

birthday gift ideas for men 

You can choose the type of clothes that your friend or co-worker prefers, and then the options are available to you, you can choose a suitable suit for him, a jacket made of natural leather, or a shirt and pants.

All you have to do is buy the quality and model that suits him perfectly and be careful in choosing the colors to suit his skin and general taste.

3) Skin and body care tools:

birthday gift ideas for men 

Men’s skin care tools are non-traditional gifts, especially since men’s skin is different from women’s and needs care and hydration because it is more susceptible to surrounding conditions and sunny or cold weather.

You can choose the Gucci Guilty Absolute for men, the skincare set from Adidas, or your friend’s favorite brands.


4) Shaving tools:

birthday gift ideas for men 

You can buy suitable and good shaving tools and blades, in addition to shaving paste from a global and good brand so that it does not cause infections or pimples.

Or you can leave that and buy an electric razor, such as Braun or Gillette razors, which have different blades that can be used for shaving head hair or shaving beards.

5) Sunglasses:

birthday gift ideas for men 

Sunglasses can be purchased especially for a man who spends most of his day outside and is exposed to the sun that hurts his eyes.

The glasses should be suitable for the man’s taste and fit his face so that it does not look too big or too small.

6) Tie:

birthday gift ideas for men 

A group of men prefer ties that are suitable for formal attire and important work times, in addition to the official buttons for suits and can be of silver for more elegance and luxury.

7) Hours:

birthday gift ideas for men 

Watches always express elegance, and they are a necessary accessory for a man’s look. You can choose between classic watches or digital watches, and you must choose the quality that the person prefers.

You can also replace it with electronic watches known as “Smart Watch”, and choose international brands that suit the taste of men.


8) Gym bag and accessories:

birthday gift ideas for men 

One of the best  non-traditional gifts for a man is to buy a gym bag and gym bag to put all his necessities in it.

Or you can buy it with its own supplies, which is a bottle of water, deodorant, which is one of the important things in the gym, hand sterilization liquid, because the gym may be full of germs and bacteria, and for this the man needs constant sterilization.

9) Backpacks:

birthday gift ideas for men 

Backpacks are the favorite of most men because they accommodate all his needs, in addition to the electronic devices that he needs during work periods.

The man can also use the bag in more than one field as it is suitable for work times or for travel, trips and hiking, and for this you must choose the bags that suit him and are made of durable fabrics.

10) Small massage pillow: 

birthday gift ideas for men 

It is preferable to buy a back and neck massage pillow, which is suitable for a man who spends his time at work and exhausts himself with it.

You can buy it through famous websites or electronic supply stores, and it is one of the non-traditional gifts that many men need to provide comfort and relaxation for him even during working hours.

Gift box ideas for men

1) iPod for music lovers:

Gift box ideas for men

One of the unconventional gifts for men that you can give to your friend or co-worker, especially if he loves music  and listens to acoustics.

It is not limited to music only, but can listen to lectures or educational audio channels and the Noble Qur’an, so it is a very suitable gift, in addition to headphones.

2) Cell phones and electronic devices:

Gift box ideas for men

It is classified as one of the unique gifts for men, as 13% of men prefer it and it is a non-traditional gift, and you can choose a smartphone or a tablet computer.

The gift could be a video game console or a laptop from world-famous brands.

3) Car vacuum cleaner:

Gift box ideas for men

The car vacuum cleaner is one of the latest gifts for men, especially as the man cares about the cleanliness of his car and may not find the right time or effort for that.

There is a range of vacuum cleaners that work by batteries without wires, or by pre-charging.

4) Camera:

Gift box ideas for men

The camera and photography tools are among the favorite and appropriate gifts, especially if the man is a fan of photography, and there are many types of cameras , as there are instant cameras from which you can get instant photographs.

Or digital cameras from which images are transferred to electronic and digital devices and later you can print them.

Or buy the lenses for the mobile phone that serve the same purpose as the camera, which comes with a phone holder so that it can be installed on the floor for accurate photos, and switch between the lenses suitable for the photo shoot.

5) Books:

Gift box ideas for men

If a man loves to read and learn new skills, the gift of books is very suitable for him, and you can choose the type of books he prefers, either novel books, stories, or scientific and educational books.

6) Leather wallets:

Gift box ideas for men

It is one of the appropriate gifts to put inside a gift box for men, and wallets made of genuine leather should be chosen.

It also remains a memory with the man for long periods, and the name or title of the gift owner can be written on the wallet with new laser technologies, which make the gift special and more special to him.

Tips when choosing gifts for men 

Tips when choosing gifts for men 

1) Determine the budget:

In the beginning and before buying or choosing a gift, you must set and define the budget for the gift, and then you can study the available options and their prices.

2) Choose gifts that suit his hobbies:

We must not choose the appropriate gifts only, but must express the interests of the man and his general taste in order to make sure that he benefits from them and is happy with them.

If a man is a music lover, then earphones are suitable for him, but if he is an athlete and has interests in the gym and exercises, the gym bag and accessories are more suitable, or by purchasing an electronic device or dumbbells to help him in exercises, and thus the gift is determined according to the man’s interests.

3) Add the personal touch:

You have to add your personal and personal touches to the gift by inserting a special card and writing phrases on the card, or choosing the appropriate packaging color for it and its preferred color as a sign and expression of love and friendliness.

Other touches can be added through encouragement gifts.


4) Shop from a trusted source:

You have to shop from a reliable source so that the products are original and with a global and famous brand.

And choose the products online and make sure that they are the same products that reach you, so you have to see the product before sending it to the man with the gift and make sure of it well, in addition to the discount codes that may allow you to buy more than one gift.

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The most prominent technology predictions for 2022


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Quick ways to get rid of lip wrinkles

Lips play a vital role in an individual’s personality. Soft and smooth lips show the beauty of your face. And as you know that the skin of the lips is very thin and sensitive and thus easily affected by some factors such as the sun, wind or other cosmetics that are applied to the lips such as lipstick. Damaged lips suffer from wrinkles and form fine lines around the mouth, which reduces the beauty of your lips. In these lines, we will provide you with quick ways to treat lip wrinkles. Wrinkles are an inevitable thing that the skin goes through with age. Although it is difficult to get rid of all the signs of wrinkles, you can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and slow the aging process that appears on the lips. Because the muscles around the mouth participate in many activities, it is very easy for wrinkles to appear. Here are home remedies to eliminate lip wrinkles.

The main cause of lip wrinkles:

The most common cause of lip wrinkles is natural aging. As a person ages, collagen and elastin loses, which gives a firmer complexion, the skin becomes flabby, and wrinkles appear, including on the top of the upper lip. While there is no way to replace elastin, there are a number of anti-aging procedures that help enhance the body’s ability to release large amounts of skin-tightening collagen. Another reason for wrinkles on the lips is exposure to toxins in the environment and ultraviolet rays that contain free radicals to destroy skin cells. Smoking is one of the factors behind the constriction of blood vessels in addition to the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the skin.

Lip wrinkles treatment

 1. Peeling:

Some limited tips can remove wrinkles above the lips and make them softer and smoother. Exfoliation is one of the most vital aspects of skin care and can radically change the appearance of the skin over time. In general, exfoliating the lips helps you remove dry cells and shows smoother skin cells. Try washing the lips with a gentle exfoliating cleanser. Moisture can be retained if you can remove dead cells.

2.Face exercises for the lips:

Genius Beauty suggests that you can do lip exercises while standing in front of a mirror by doing 15-minute facial exercises to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. And now how to get rid of lip wrinkles by practicing a set of exercises. In many cases, exercises become one of the best treatments to get rid of lip wrinkles.

Make a mixture of oats and honey and mix the ingredients until it becomes a thick paste and then apply it to the lips area. After that, massage the lips with the mixture and relax for 10-15 minutes, then wash the face with warm water.

Sit in front of the woman and open the mouth as if you mean to yawn. Try to open the lips and then slowly lower the lips until the upper lip reaches the lower lip.

Leave the upper lip fixed in place and try to open the mouth to smile in this way the upper lip stretches outward.

3. Moisturizing the lips:

Dr. Schultz suggests using a moisturizing cream daily to moisturize the lips and then using a product to stimulate collagen production to fill in wrinkles such as retinol and in the morning using a moisturizing cream and using glycolic acid and vitamin C serum at night which plays an important role in collagen creation. Try to choose a moisturizing cream suitable for the skin.

4. Lip Wrinkle Reducing Cream:

One of the best ways to get rid of lip wrinkles is the anti-wrinkle cream available in the market that gets rid of upper lip wrinkles. This cream will help you to nourish the skin, remove deep wrinkles above the lips and prevent new wrinkles from occurring. I should choose a wrinkle prevention cream that contains hydroxyl acids to get rid of wrinkles.

5. Apply sunscreen:

You also know the need to apply sunscreen before leaving the house because it is the main factor behind the incidence of wrinkles and the appearance of early signs of aging. Because ultraviolet rays damage cells and this leads to sagging skin and lip wrinkles. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the application of a suitable sunscreen for the lips, often with an SPF of 30.

6. Vitamin E Oil:

You can simply apply vitamin E oil to the lips before bed every night. The oil nourishes the lips and prevents fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin E fights free radicals that lead to cell damage and thus prevents lip wrinkles and the skin becomes tighter. Studies show that vitamin E oil has the ability to repair damaged cells. Dry skin is more prone to wrinkles. The oil deeply moisturizes the skin and prevents dry skin.

You can massage the lips with vitamin E oil with your finger and repeat this process every night to get better results in reducing wrinkles.

7. Cinnamon

Cinnamon helps you get rid of lip wrinkles because it works to get rid of deep wrinkles. By applying cinnamon paste on the lips and leaving it for 30 minutes. Try to follow this method every day to reduce wrinkles on the lips.

8. Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil contains antioxidants that fight the effect of free radicals and prevent early wrinkles from forming. Coconut oil contains a compound called an emollient that acts as a natural moisturizer to reduce wrinkles and smooth the skin. In addition, the oil contains vitamin E and lauric acid, which are considered healthy elements, nourish the skin and prevent premature wrinkles. . Moreover, the oil is very effective in reducing wrinkles so it is a natural choice. All you have to do is massage the lips with coconut oil at night.

9. Papaya juice:

Papaya contains antioxidant properties that help reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the lips. In addition, papaya helps remove free radicals that damage your skin. Moreover, the vitamins help your skin in dealing with wrinkles as well as lip lines. You can apply papaya juice on the lips and leave it for half an hour. You should do this process regularly whenever possible.

10. Almond oil:

Almond oil contains skin-friendly natural ingredients, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Almond oil contains antioxidants such as vitamin E that protect the fibers from collagen degradation and help reduce wrinkles. It is rich in fatty acids that encourage moisture and moisturize the lips well.

11. Oatmeal paste:

This treatment helps you to provide three benefits, including reducing the black color around the mouth, treating wrinkles around the lips, and also reducing the pigmentation of the skin around the lips. Prepare oatmeal paste with a quantity of milk and apply the mixture on your lips, in addition to tightening the skin around the lips.

12. Sugar and lemon juice:

Lemon helps in lightening the skin, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles because it is acidic. Lemon juice rejuvenates skin cells by removing dead skin cells and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps reduce dark spots around the lips. Doctors suggest using fresh lemon juice and do not use bottled lemon juice because it contains chemicals that damage your skin.

Mix an amount of sugar with lemon juice and then apply the mixture on the lips for 15 minutes and rub gently before washing the face with water.

13. Making lifestyle changes:

Smoking can form deep wrinkles around the mouth and promote the natural aging process of the skin. Therefore, it is recommended to stop smoking as one of the appropriate treatments to get rid of lip wrinkles. Minimize exposure to the sun, while making sure to apply sunscreen before leaving the house.

14. Eat leafy green vegetables:

Another way to get rid of wrinkles around the lips is to eat more leafy vegetables because wrinkles occur due to excessive oxidation on your skin. When consuming leafy green vegetables, you can easily get rid of lip wrinkles.

15. Don’t try to drink water straight from the bottle.

This advice may seem strange and surprising, but more water from the bottle makes you more prone to the appearance of lip wrinkles. Try to reduce the chances of drinking water straight from the bottle and other activities that use the upper lip more.

16. Baking soda:

Baking soda is one of the ways to help you get rid of lip wrinkles quickly. Add a few drops of water to a quantity of baking soda to form a paste and use your fingers to massage the lips, then clean the lips with warm water.

 17. Milk and Rose Petals:

Make a mixture of milk and rose petals by pouring raw milk into a bottle with an amount of rose petals and stirring to get a paste. Apply this paste on the lips and massage while waiting for 5 minu

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The benefits of putting a spoonful of sugar in your shampoo

It may be the first time you hear about the benefits of putting a spoonful of sugar in your shampoo, for sure you know that your kitchen may hold a lot of keys to taking care of your own beauty, especially if you want to get rid of dry hair and dandruff completely and if you are looking for recipes that help you In stimulating hair growth in a faster way, there are many home recipes that promote hair growth and get healthy hair, including adding a spoonful of sugar in shampoo and watch the amazing results. This advice works perfectly. Your eyes may not believe the results you will get, as it helps you get rid of damaged hair And dandruff in a very short time.

The benefits of putting a spoonful of sugar in your shampoo

The benefits of putting a spoonful of sugar in your shampoo

Everyone is looking for beautiful and healthy hair, preferably a healthy scalp, although you can try a lot of commercial hair care products, but they do not help you get the ideal results, especially the results related to the scalp because women often forget to take care of the scalp, so this quick solution will It helps in treating the most important problem you face in the scalp, which is dandruff.

The benefits of putting a spoonful of sugar in your shampoo

Excessive use of dry shampoo and the chemical ingredients in it can lead to problems in the scalp because the scalp, like the skin, contains dead cells and these dead cells of the scalp can cause the hair to become less healthy and look dull and bored. How can you make sure that dead skin is removed from the scalp?

Because the dead skin on the scalp leads to itching and a dry scalp, and this prompts you to try any solution you encounter on the Internet, and you can find many solutions that interest you, including adding a spoonful of sugar to your shampoo. According to Francesca Fusco, a dermatologist, you can soothe an itchy, dry scalp by mixing a tablespoon of sugar with your shampoo and working on putting a quantity of shampoo on the head and rubbing it using your fingertips. Fusco says that the sugar will dissolve completely without leaving any granules. Inside .

But is using sugar as a scalp exfoliator the solution? We consulted dermatologist Julie Rusak, MD, from the Dermatology Clinic in New York City.

Dr. Rusak says that there are many reasons behind the presence of dandruff and itchy scalp, and a safe option is to use sugar as a natural way to reduce itchy scalp and get rid of dead cells. head to calm down. And in order for there to be tangible benefits, you must scrub the scalp, but according to Dr. Rosak, you do not need to do this daily. If your scalp is prone to the accumulation of dead cells, make this part of your exfoliation routine once or twice a week and then the symptoms will subside. One of the tips provided by Dr. Rosak is to avoid using any harsh chemicals on the scalp, including hair dyes and chemicals, and if your condition persists, check with a dermatologist to help determine the root cause and try another solution.

More natural ways to exfoliate the scalp and treat itching:

tea tree oil:

One of the natural remedies that you can rely on to get rid of the dead cells accumulated in the scalp is tea tree oil because it has anti-inflammatory, bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Tea tree oil is an ideal natural remedy for the scalp, as it is rich in Terpense.

Which helps prevent bacteria and treat a wide range of skin problems and fungi, including acne, and one of the ways to help you use tea tree oil is to add a few drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo or make a mixture of oils by adding a spoonful of tea tree oil with Olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil, and massage the scalp with the mixture several times a week, preferably leaving it for 5 minutes before rinsing to see the amazing results

 Coconut Oil :

Coconut oil is packed with anti-fungal compounds, which helps get rid of excess fungi and eliminate dandruff, in addition to being a great moisturizer for the scalp, thus getting rid of dry scalp and preventing the formation of dandruff. Coconut oil is one of the natural remedies for dandruff. Just take a tablespoon of warm coconut oil and apply it directly to the scalp with a massage for 5 minutes and focus on the roots, then cover the head with a shower cap and leave it for 30 minutes to soak overnight, then rinse with water.

baking soda :

Next time you notice a layer of dandruff on your scalp and need to get rid of dead skin, check your kitchen cupboard because baking soda is one of the inexpensive yet effective natural remedies for dandruff. It gets rid of dead cells before they form a crust, as it removes oil The excess in the scalp and check the balance of the hair’s pH to prevent the growth of yeast and try to start by rinsing the hair with water and then take two tablespoons of baking soda and combine them with a few drops of water to get a paste and then massage the scalp making sure to cover the scalp well and rinse then you can use baking soda to dissolve Your shampoo shop.

 Apple cider vinegar :

Apple cider vinegar is one of the elements that help you improve hair health and get rid of dandruff, as it changes the acidity of the scalp, and this makes it more difficult for fungi extracted from yeast and dandruff to grow, which helps to get rid of dandruff permanently. Instead of pouring apple cider vinegar directly on the scalp, it is recommended to relieve Vinegar with water in a spray bottle and spray all over the hair then wrap the head with a towel and leave it for 30 minutes to soak in it and shampoo the hair as usual.

 the Garlic :

One of the amazing things for you is garlic, it is usually used in the treatment of colds. When you chop garlic, the enzyme allicin is released, which is the main active ingredient in garlic and is responsible for many of the health benefits of garlic. Allicin has antibacterial and antifungal properties in addition to antioxidants that prevent infection and prevent the formation of dandruff. You can grind 6 cloves of garlic and leave it for 10 minutes until it begins to form allicin. Mix an amount of organic honey to enhance the antifungal properties and apply it directly to the scalp. It is preferable to leave it for 10 Minutes to rinse with water and shampoo.

olive oil :

Most dandruff problems are due to the dryness of the scalp, olive oil can help treat and relieve this problem and leave the scalp moist because it is an incredible moisturizing agent and provides you relief from a dry scalp. It is preferable to soak olive oil on the scalp to get the best results through Massage the scalp with 3 tablespoons of olive oil and cover the scalp with a shower cap, thus reducing the itching of the scalp.


 Aloe vera:

Aloe vera is an effective treatment for dandruff and exfoliates the scalp well from dead cells, thanks to the strong anti-fungal properties that block bacteria before they spread. Aloe vera also contains pectin, a natural source of fiber, which helps strengthen the scalp and stimulate new cells in the scalp.

You can combine aloe vera with tea tree oil to get the best results by mixing 10 drops of tea tree oil with 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel and applying it to the scalp overnight, then rinsing with water and repeating several times a week to get the best results