AIDS and premarital screening  

AIDS and premarital screening





People often ask people with AIDS: Can they get married? I can answer directly, but I want the most important message to reach you, and for you to receive information that is useful in many diseases, whether AIDS or other diseases, which is talking about pre-marital testing, as it is a very important matter, and I even find it indispensable, as there are hereditary diseases and viral diseases that are tested for during Premarital examination, as AIDS is one of the viral diseases that are tested for, and the importance of premarital examination is not only to detect genetic or viral diseases, but its importance lies in early detection and taking steps to limit the spread of these diseases, and one of the most important steps is to protect the other party and be careful. To give him vaccines that protect him immunologically, and to take therapeutic steps and medical assistance through relevant associations or bodies that will maintain a safe and healthy family, as well as to take steps that will ensure (after God Almighty’s permission) that children are not born with the genes inherited from these diseases.


For example, there are associations that care for AIDS patients and marry them, and coordinate for them with medical centers so that the pregnancy takes place in a specific medical way that ensures that the virus is not transmitted to the fetus during pregnancy and at birth, through medications and not complicated medical procedures. There have been about 40 cases of birth of healthy children from marriage. For those who are carriers or infected with the AIDS virus at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, then answer the question: Can an AIDS patient get married? Yes, it is possible, but through long procedures, starting with pre-marital examination and then taking care of the family through health associations or bodies so that his children avoid carrying this dangerous virus.


Screening for some serious infectious diseases was added to the pre-marital screening group, such as syphilis, AIDS, and hepatitis B and C. Since then, we find that many young people have begun going to private centers for early detection. To test himself for the AIDS virus, before he takes the step of engagement, and this gives an indication of the increased awareness of young people regarding this aspect and their keenness to be free of this disease, which is a positive thing.


Note that the carrier of the disease is not given a public result about his infection with the AIDS virus. There is an emphasis on the confidentiality of each young person’s medical information, and there is a great emphasis on not disclosing any information, in exchange for a great commitment to protecting the other party by giving the result in the form of (not agreed upon). Without explaining the reasons or details, this is due to the privacy of someone infected with any virus or disease gene, whether AIDS or otherwise. However, this protection of privacy and confidentiality is matched by a strong commitment to protecting the second party. No one should think that the phrase (not agreed upon) means AIDS, as it may mean any genetic disease. Or viral.

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