A magical lightening mask for face and neck


Although, some women don’t envision returning from vacation without getting a bronze tan

Others consider it unreasonable to look that tan. When it comes to lightening face mask, there is nothing better than using natural ingredients.

Recipe for face mask with honey and turmeric lightening

One and a half tablespoon of honey

Half a tablespoon of turmeric

For oily skin: 1 tablespoon of yogurt (or milk) and a few drops of lemon juice

For dry skin: 1 tablespoon of argan oil or sweet almond oil

How often to use a lightening face mask

For sensitive skin, apply the mask in moderation, any time a week is enough.

Watch for lemon juice if you have sensitive skin, and replace it with milk or yogurt.

For resistant skin, you can apply the mask 2-3 times a week.

Prepare a face and neck mask

In this recipe, mix turmeric and the rest of the ingredients according to your skin type, then add honey at the end.

When you get a smooth paste, apply it to the face and / or neck.

Leave it for twenty minutes, then rinse it off.

This lightening face mask may cause redness and a burning sensation if you have sensitive skin.

Benefits of lightening face mask

Turmeric: It is a natural lightening agent used by Indian women to care for dull skin and achieve healthy skin.

This ingredient is also found in masks that fight acne due to its effect on blackheads.

The texture of turmeric helps with a peeling of the face, and this light peeling of the face leads to freshness of the skin and lightening of scars.

Honey: This nectar has been used since ancient times for its cosmetic benefits, giving the skin a fresh and lustrous color.

It is rich in mineral salts, vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and antioxidants

So it brightens the complexion, blurs imperfections, and gives the complexion an even color.

Argan oil is known for its great moisturizing ability and nourishing and soothing effect on dry skin.

It is an organic oil that comes from Morocco, which is the only country that can say that the argan tree grows naturally without pesticides.

Many people have tried the skin-lightening mask with turmeric and honey, and in most cases, the results are impressive and even magical.

There are exceptional cases that she suffered from redness and burns, especially sensitive and fragile skin.

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