Wonderful tricks to get rid of blackheads forever


Are you bothered by blackheads on your face? Have you tried many treatments to eliminate it, but the results are temporary each time?

There are many tips that our grandmothers used in the past that have proven effective.

The advice we’re going to give you is simple and helps you remove blackheads for good, or at least, they don’t come back anytime soon.

You just need a lemon, salt and hot water.


In a bowl, mix half a teaspoon of lemon juice, one tablespoon of sea salt and one teaspoon of hot water.

Soak a soft, hot, and damp washcloth with the mixture and apply it to your face, avoiding the eye contour area.

Apply a larger amount to the areas where the blackheads are located.

Massage your skin with the hot towel for 5 minutes, using circular motions.

Reheat the towel with hot water if it starts to cool. Leave the mixture on your face for 5 minutes, then wash your face with cold water

So that it is as cold as possible to tighten the pores.

This recipe, which can be repeated 2 to 3 times a day, helps you

To get rid of blackheads and prevent their reappearance.

How does this combination work?

Sea salt

Salt is antibacterial and antiseptic, and thanks to its exfoliating properties, it helps clear pores.

Many beauty brands use salt in their skin care products, especially sea salt because it is rich in minerals

Such as iron, calcium, zinc, potassium and iodine. And it contains many minerals that help purify and rejuvenate the body.

Sea salt stimulates blood circulation, clears the skin of impurities and blackheads, and prevents clogging of pores.


Rich in vitamin C, it is known for its antioxidant properties that protect cells from free radicals.

And doctors in ancient times recommended it in case of cold or influenza. It is also a disinfectant, purifier, and natural astringent.

Therefore, lemon is recommended for skin prone to blemishes, as it helps fight germs and bacteria.

It cleanses pimples and blackheads, regulates sebum production and tightens skin pores

Thanks to the effect of citric acid and flavonoids. Lemon juice leaves the skin pure, healthy and soft.

Hot water

The hot water helps open pores and prepare the skin for treatment.

The combination of these three ingredients also has the effect of a classic scrub but without being harsh on the skin

So it helps you get rid of blackheads.

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