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A Classic Method in Skin Care: Vaseline - Care Beauty

A Classic Method in Skin Care: Vaseline


In recent years, many cosmetic products have been launched for skin care. Although they all address different and worked goals, unfortunately, none of them has succeeded in replacing the petroleum jelly, which has been a panacea from the past to the present. Serving all kinds of purposes from skin care to make-up remover, Vaseline is one of the essentials of daily life. As such, we have listed the areas of use of petroleum jelly for you that you have never known.

The Magnificent Benefits and Uses of Vaseline

Vaseline, also known as paraffin oil, is a type of mineral oil obtained from crude oil, with a light color and paste consistency. Vaseline consists of 15-20 carbon hydrocarbons and is a natural product that has been used in all kinds of subjects since ancient times. Vaseline, which generally has a colorless structure, can sometimes take on a yellowish and translucent appearance. However, many companies can produce petroleum jelly in colorful and scented forms.

On the other hand, although the most important feature of petroleum jelly is known as moisturizer, it has many other benefits besides moisturizing. For example, while it is used as a preservative during dressing, it is used as oil in ointment and cosmetic products.

1- Lip Protector

It is quite natural for the skin to show different reactions, especially during seasonal changes. This includes our lips trying to adapt to the cold weather. Sensitive lips may dry and crack as a result of contact with cold. In this case, you can restore the pale and dry texture of your lips with Vaseline. For this, you can either use Vaseline as a peeling with a little granulated sugar or simply use it as a moisturizer. The choice is yours!

2- Callus Treatment

Calluses are the most common of the skin conditions that occur on the feet. You can soften this area, which is almost like a stone, with Vaseline. On the other hand, you can relieve your feet that dry and crack frequently by massaging them with Vaseline before going to sleep at night.

3- Nail Care

If you have frequent manicures and pedicures, you must have noticed that vaseline is constantly used in the beauty center you go to. Vaseline strengthens your nails, which are constantly broken and weak, by giving them flexibility. If you are uncomfortable with your weak nails and the dry skin around, you can make them more well-groomed by applying Vaseline to your hands and nails before going to bed at night.

5- Hair Care

One of the biggest problems of women is hair tangles that do not leave any way. Especially if you have long hair, taking a bath can be death for you. Vaseline, which is found in many shampoo and conditioner products, is very effective in combing your hair easier and eliminating the split ends.

4- Makeup Remover

Unlike many water-based make-up remover products, Vaseline is a highly effective make-up remover. Moreover, it does not contain additives. If you decide to use Vaseline for your make-up removal, do not forget to clean it with cold water afterwards.

6- No Additive Highlighter

Highlighter products, the biggest make-up trend of the last days, actually date back to quite old times. You can use a natural highlighter vaseline instead of paying hundreds of pounds while applying your make-up. For this, the only thing you need to do is to apply Vaseline to your cheekbones and brow bones.