The easiest way to treat sunburn

If you are constantly exposed to the sun and in a large way, it may affect your skin with the passage of time, but you can save your skin with tomatoes. Tomatoes fight sunburn and skin wrinkles. If you are always out in the summer vacation, you must be exposed to the sun a lot. It may affect your skin with the passage of time, but You can save your skin with tomatoes, and this is what a recent study indicated that tomatoes combat sunburn and skin wrinkles.


The study was conducted at the University of Manchester, UK, and the researchers explained that adding five tablespoons of tomatoes to the daily food of ten volunteers improved their skin’s ability to protect itself from harmful ultraviolet radiation, and the researchers attributed this to the antioxidant lycopene found in tomatoes.




The researchers explained that food in which moderate quantities of tomatoes are available increases the rate of collagen in the skin, stressing that a diet that contains high levels of antioxidant tomatoes is a new way to protect against harmful sunlight.

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