Skin tightening masks according to your skin type


With age, fine lines and age spots begin to appear on the face in particular and on the body as well, and as skin care experts advise that these lines should be taken care of as soon as they appear, so that they do not become too deep and difficult to treat, so we have included in this report the skin tightening masks according to your skin type, Try it yourself and dispense with the industrial preparations on the market.

What is skin tightening?

It is a process by which fine lines and wrinkles in the skin are filled, and thus the skin appears younger and more tightened, either naturally or through needles and cosmetic procedures.

Tightening masks oily skin

Apple mask to tighten oily skin

Ingredients of the apple mask to tighten oily skin:

1 whole apple

1 tablespoon of powdered starch

– Apple juice

Lettuce juice

– Lemon juice

2 tablespoons of flour

How to use apple mask to tighten oily skin:

The apple is peeled, and placed in an electric mixer or by spraying it in the absence of a mixer.

Add to it a tablespoon of starch dissolved in a cup of cold water, then add to it 3 tablespoons of apple juice without industrial sugar, 4 spoons of lettuce juice, in addition to a small cup of lemon juice.

When mixing this mixture, add two tablespoons of flour gradually to ensure the consistency of the mixture.

This mask can be applied immediately to the face and neck and then left until it dries, that is, about 15 minutes, before washing it with lukewarm water.

From the first use you will notice the difference, as the skin will gradually tighten and regain its youthfulness by getting rid of excess sebum

Dry skin tightening masks

Banana mask to tighten dry skin

Ingredients of a banana mask for tightening dry skin:

1 banana

1/4 cup buttermilk

2 tablespoons of honey

How to use banana mask to tighten dry skin:

Mash the banana in a small bowl, add milk and honey, and stir to get a smooth, smooth mixture.

The mask is placed on the skin, applied and left for 10 minutes.

Wash the face after the specified period expires with a face wash that contains ceramides, a fatty acid, and glycerine to keep the skin hydrated.

Firming masks flabby skin

Egg white mask to tighten sagging skin

Ingredients of the egg white mask to tighten sagging skin:

One egg white

How to use egg white mask to tighten sagging skin:

Beat egg white until frothy.

Apply egg white directly to the skin, and leave to dry.

Rinse the face with cold water.

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