How to protect your skin from premature wrinkles?


The warning signs of our aging are in wrinkles, and since it appears every female set out to do its utmost to get rid of them, but the truth is that you can avoid them early, and you can also avoid the transformation of fine lines into wrinkles with easy steps and by following a daily routine, you will feel the difference with it over time. Time.

1- Sun protection:

The sun’s rays harm the skin, so you should apply sun protection products throughout the year, summer and winter, so you will protect your skin from dark spots and wrinkles, especially around the eye and forehead area.

2- Good skin hydration:

You should drink water in large quantities, in addition to using moisturizing creams on a daily basis, whether in the morning or evening.

And if your skin is dry, you should use products that contain oil in their composition, this will enhance the hydration process.

3- Use skin care products that contain vitamin C:

The lotions that contain vitamin C in their formula increase collagen production, protect the skin from damage caused by exposure to the sun, as well as reduce dark spots on the skin and also reduce redness.

4- You have to stimulate blood circulation in the skin:

This is done by using skin peeling products once to twice a week, to maintain skin smoothness and restore vitality and freshness.

Exfoliation also helps get rid of dead cells and impurities.

5.Be gentle when you care about your skin.

While applying moisturizing creams, or while you are peeling the skin, or even when removing makeup, be gentle and gentle when dealing with your skin, as dealing roughly with the skin makes it expand, especially the area around the eyes, which is more prone to the appearance of signs of aging.

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