6 surprising health benefits of playing outdoors

Playing outside the home is the best type of exercise a child can get. Scientific discoveries have supported the idea that playing outdoors enhances the health, psychological, and mental capabilities of children. Here are the most important benefits:


Sight. For a long time, it was believed that genes and genetic factors were responsible for myopia, but recent studies and evidence indicate an important role for the environment during childhood. A recent American study found that children who spend less time outside, at a rate of 3-4 hours per week, suffer from myopia more than children who watch television for a longer period and spend more time outside.


Mental health. Spending 5 minutes a day in a garden, walking, cycling, or even taking care of home garden plants improves a child’s mood and enhances self-confidence and self-esteem. British researchers have found that the best place for children to be active outside to obtain these benefits is a green space near water.


Joy. University of Rochester research indicates that spending 20 minutes of outdoor play and activity is considered fuel for the soul, giving the child vital energy and a sense of joy.


Imagination and abilities. Playing outdoors stimulates imagination and social skills, and this reflects positively on the educational grades the child obtains, as it enhances the ability to think critically and achieve academic achievement.


Bones. Playing outdoors strengthens bones as a result of exposure to the sun, which enhances the body’s production of vitamin D.


Immunity. Playing outdoors reduces stress, strengthens the immune system, which helps children resist colds and infections, and reduces high blood pressure.

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