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Yogurt and clay mask for acne

My dear, if you suffer from the problem of acne, do not worry, we at Women magazine, we have found the perfect solution for you to make your skin clear, lively and moisturized with this safe, tried and true recipe

This mask helps to remove skin fat and rid it of blackheads and acne. It is used once a week so that the skin is not exposed to dehydration.

You need:


12 tablespoons yogurt


2 tablespoons of clay


2 tablespoons of potato water

How to use :


There is a special clay for the skin in pharmacies, but for potato water, it is water


The one in which the potatoes were boiled, all mixed and placed on the skin for twenty minutes, then rinsed the face with water





Lukewarm and put a moisturizing cream for the skin.

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